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Seminal fluid turns yellow is male division disease? Will not be sterile? Sohu – a male patient in Beijing maternal and child hospital family public number backstage Advisory: "my semen color how some yellow, not normal gray white, this is not normal, what is the male disease? Will not be sterile?" In this regard, we take a look at how the experts say. What color is the semen in normal condition? Here, to look at the popularity of all male, normal semen is grayish white or slightly yellow soil. Abstinence time is longer, due to physical and chemical properties, semen color will become yellow, it is normal. If the semen is in a state of yellow for a long time, you need to cause the attention of men, may be caused by inflammation, such as prostatitis, seminal vesicle purulent infection (seminal vesicle inflammation), etc.. See semen color can determine the disease – semen yellow green indicates that the reproductive tract inflammation, possibly suppurative prostate and seminal vesicle infection. The semen was red that semen contains red blood cells, often called "blood". The majority of blood caused by the seminal vesiculitis or prostatitis. Abnormal semen color is not terrible, once the cause of symptomatic treatment, semen color will return to normal. Men should pay more attention to the main cause of infertility in the world". Sperm motility in semen is not up to the normal standard, which is known as asthenospermia. Sperm motility is the ability or intensity of sperm motility. The sperm penetration of cervical mucus, the most basic conditions into the fallopian tube and combined with the egg cell, so it is one of the contents of semen analysis and sperm motility are divided into 4 levels: level said sperm activity is excellent, with the rapid straight movement; B level said sperm activity is very good, straight forward movement, slightly slow forward movement C said; sperm motility, forward only curve motion; D level said sperm activity ability is poor, only in situ peristalsis. Asthenospermia refers to the A and B level in semen parameters is less than 50% or less than 25% of the grade a sperm movement disorder, also called asthenospermia sperm motility. Weak sperm disease, the inability to move forward, it is difficult to pass through the cervical canal, uterine cavity, direct oviduct and egg binding, resulting in low fertility. So, be careful about whether they will be infertile friends, should go to the hospital to check their sperm situation, only as soon as possible in order to get better treatment.相关的主题文章: