Science and technology Morning Post – 11 electricity supplier record frequency, HUAWEI P9 sales exce didadi

The post – 11 double frequency technology business record sales exceeded 9 million, HUAWEI P9 – 20161111- Sohu technology [Technews science news November 11th -2016 – post] technology double 11 climax of the first round electric frequency to record zhanba January 11th news, now electricity supplier to Tmall, led by the Jingdong has now become the first choice for everyday people and shopping. Once a year the double 11 Shopping Festival will be the trend to the peak. 11 am, ushered in the first two of the first shopping climax, this year’s double 11 and how to create the data of the… Google announced the Chrome browser installed capacity of more than 2 billion people in the browser market, Google Chrome has been ranked the world’s first catch up from behind, the ranks of the browser. The day before, Google officially announced an important data: the total installed capacity of active (i.e. the total number of users has more than 2 billion people)… Billion turnover behind: "double eleven" after every businessman hiding "robbery" in the day to be renamed as "double eleven", in the Tmall shop, shop and even in any business, it is inseparable from the "double eleven" this day, many consumers holding mobile phone buy buy buy the number of businesses in this day all night… Google responded to the EU monopoly charges: Android promotes the market competition of Beijing morning news on November 11th, Google’s general counsel said on Thursday that the Android system to promote competition in the market, rather than hinder competition. Prior to the EU antitrust authorities alleged that Google Android platform to exclude competitors… Do not want to put the data in the presence of local LinkedIn is banned in Russia, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that a Russian court to maintain a ban on the occupation of social networking LinkedIn in russia. This is the case of the implementation of the data localization law is of great significance… P9 sales exceeded 9 million HUAWEI said the target sales of HUAWEI announced yesterday evening, P9 global sales exceeded 9 million, compared with the average price of P8 has increased. Although next week is about to release Mate9, but Li Changzhu, vice president of HUAWEI consumer BG mobile phone line, said it would not affect the subsequent P9 continues to force, sales are expected to exceed 12 million… For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: