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"Science fans" Xi Jinping in August 28th, Xi Jinping made important instructions on the establishment of the general assembly, Chinese aero engine group company he pointed out: "I hope you will keep in mind the mission, responsibility, adhere to the supremacy of national interests, adhere to the development of civil military integration depth, adhere to the implementation of innovation driven strategy, bold innovation, innovation, down-to-earth, Yongpangaofeng. To speed up the implementation of aero engine and gas turbine independent research and development and production, in order to build China into a aviation power and make unremitting efforts." Why is Xi Jinping so concerned about the company? In fact, he is concerned about the development of science and technology, independent innovation is the One principle runs through it all. The young Xi Jinping Liang Jia River in Shaanxi spent seven years of hard mountain countryside life, lived in a cave, sleep Tukang, also at their own expense to learn from Sichuan, back to the village to build the Shaanxi first biogas digesters, solve the villagers’ cooking and lighting difficulties. Later in the Department of chemical engineering, Tsinghua University, the basic organic synthesis of the undergraduate course spent time, can be said to be a veritable science and technology fans". Xi Jinping as general secretary, is very concerned about the development and innovation of science and technology. No matter is the study or visit abroad, he often personally experience and try a variety of high-tech and advanced products manufacturing industry, understand the principle and development situation, to encourage China’s science and technology workers yongpangaofeng. Today, the party network micro platform with your inventory of these classic moments. Science and technology is the weapon of the country, the country depends on the strong, the enterprise depends on to win, people’s life depends on it. China is stronger, the Chinese people’s lives better, we must have strong technology. – May 30, 2016, Xi Jinping pointed out in the national science and Technology Innovation Conference, the General Assembly academicians, China Association of the Ninth National Congress in the face of increasingly fierce international competition, we must put the core position of innovation in the country’s overall development. – April 26, 2016, Xi Jinping hosted in Anhui held in Hefei intellectuals, model workers, youth representatives of the forum pointed out on the snow dragon Antarctic expedition ship in November 18, 2014, Australia is the capital of Tasmania, Xi Jinping visited Hobart to dock, boarded China xuelong. Xi Jinping in the "Snow Dragon polar expedition visited the Chinese 30 anniversary exhibition, I wish the crew and scientific staff all smooth and triumph. The polar exploration ship Snow Dragon referred to as the "Snow Dragon" (English Name: Xue Long), China third generation of polar icebreaker and scientific research ship, by the Ukraine Kherson shipyard in March 25, 1993 completed the construction of a ship Vitus Bering class icebreaker?. China imported from Ukraine in 1993 after the transformation in accordance with the needs of china. Is China’s largest polar expedition ship, but also the only one in China to break the ice in the Arctic ship. XUELONG Hardy, can break through the ice at 1.5 knots continuous 1.2 m thick (0.2 Catherina Yim). To encourage domestic large aircraft development in May 23, 2014, during the Xi Jinping visit in Shanghai, aircraft design center C919 aircraft display prototype cab on China business, understand speedometer, altimeter, track map etc..相关的主题文章: