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Sales and licensing: the loss of organic growth Lenovo needs strategic reset? Sohu technology before Lenovo announced first quarter earnings, profit rose 64%, far more than analysts expected. However, the association has exceeded expectations, not because of its core PC business sales and revenue growth, but from the sale of a property in Beijing. The sale of the property generated more than $120 million in capital gains and was included in the operating profit of Lenovo, rather than a one-time non operating profit. Income excluding real estate transaction, Lenovo’s first quarter operating profit will be halved, far less than analysts expected. Referred to the sales in the ICT industry can be described as common. As early as 2013, NOKIA has sold New York headquarters and headquarters in Finland; in 2014, SONY has sold into a loss of Tokyo headquarters and the Royal Palace is located in the Tokyo Mountain Technology Center building and real estate, a total 7 billion yen (about 420 million yuan); 2015 HTC to 6 billion 60 million new Taiwan dollars (about 1 billion 200 million yuan the price of RMB) to be located in Taoyuan TY5 building sold to British industry; in April this year, in the face of shrinking valuation, YAHOO sold the core business and land assets. Of course, to sell their assets in the US but no ground for blame, as long as you observe carefully, the sale of the assets of the enterprise is almost always because of the sluggish performance of the core business, to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, but unfortunately, the sale seems to bring the core business to these enterprises did not improve, including NOKIA, YAHOO has someone in the bag (the core business of NOKIA Microsoft merger, YAHOO acquired by Verizon), while HTC and SONY are still struggling. Specific to the sales of Lenovo, although not to the enterprise sale, situation worse, but from the previous chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group Yang Yuanqing has to HK $4.66 and HK $4.68 (a total cost of $93 million 400 thousand) a total of 20 million shares of Lenovo holdings to pull stock price growth, combined with the earlier part of the small shareholders questioned Lenovo the performance of Lenovo, Lenovo seems to have been aware of the current and future short-term performance is difficult to be improved, even worse, and the sales in addition to lower costs, more important is to have a lot of capital market. But this does not hide the weak growth of the actual business association and lack of surgery. And this from the latest quarter earnings again has been fully reflected. First, as the current and future PC core business is still in the middle of a considerable period of time, and this decline has continued for three quarters. Let the industry worry, in the latest quarter, Lenovo is one of the two decline in the PC market manufacturers ranked the top 5 manufacturers (another apple), and before the second ranked HP and Lenovo are narrowing the gap between the. In addition, Lenovo’s PC shipments in the quarter decreased by 2%, but the sector revenue fell by 7%, indicating that Lenovo in improving the value of PC (through price reflects) innovation has not achieved substantial results. Prior to Lenovo, PC industry has been in decline.相关的主题文章: