Russia plans to set up a coast guard in the Far East running man20130526

Russia plans to build in the far east coast defense division, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu announced in August 23rd that Russia plans to set up the coast defense division in the Russian Far East region of Chukotka in 2018. This is part of the plan of action of the eastern military region, which was signed by President Putin in May 2012 – 2016 – 2020. Some analysts believe that the move may also have to strengthen Russia’s daytime disputed islands in the South Kuril Islands (Japan called "the four northern islands") control intention. Shoigu said at the meeting at the Ministry of Defence said that Russia has decided to establish a unified coastal defense system from the coast of Southern Primorye to the Arctic region, intended to ensure the monitoring of the Kuril Islands and the Bering Strait, the Pacific fleet deployment covering the whole of the Far East and North Sea area. The Pacific Fleet has completed the investigation of the Kuril Islands in April to June this year, the Wajima Paramushir island in the pine and the deployment of the army of various specific factors were studied. According to Russian media reports, this year Russia will be in the South Kuril Islands, the military infrastructure construction, to improve the conditions of barracks. The South Kuril Islands belong to Russia is a sensitive topic of the day, between the two countries has yet to conclude a peace treaty. A new round of peace talks between Russia and Japan will be held in August 26th. It is reported that during the Russian Far East Forum in September 2nd, Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Andouble will also discuss related issues. However, the day before going to a Japanese man with a delegation from the South Kuril Islands after the island country was seized russia. Russia said the man carrying undeclared cash more than 400 yen, the Japanese side believes that Russia is not in the South Kuril Islands jurisdiction, this protest. It is said that the man actually helped the local company to the Japanese company to repair costs. Japan said it would try not to let the matter affect bilateral relations. In May this year, Andouble spent 3.5 hours of talks in the southern Russian city of Sochi and Putin. This is the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine, the west to impose economic sanctions on Russia, the Japanese Prime Minister’s first visit. The Japanese side of the source then said, the four northern islands problem icebreaker, as well as the Japanese media reported that the two sides put forward a new proposal to resolve the territorial issue. But after the talks, Andouble and Putin did not sign any documents, nor held a press conference. Russian media said only that the two sides on the territorial issue of constructive talks". The Russo Japanese media response was interpreted as the gap between the positions of the two sides there is a big difference. Some analysts believe that Russia will not give up in the South Kuril Islands interests, discussed this issue with Japan is mainly to attract and win over Japan to the Russian Far East Development and investment projects. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said in May this year, Russia will not return (islands), will not seek to sign a peace treaty with japan. In fact, Russia did not stop the pace of development of the South Kuril islands. The Russian Far East Development Department official website released in June this year reported that Russia plans to set up the Kuril Islands in the year ahead of the development zone. Under the jurisdiction of the Kuril Islands Louis Linzhou government is developing advanced development zone construction plan, plan the development of aquaculture and mining. (Moscow, August 24) (people’s daily)相关的主题文章: