Ruby Lin sun luxury package was choking do not understand the suffering of the

Ruby Lin sun luxury package choked "do not understand the sufferings of Ruby Lin share boutique package on Facebook, was criticized netizens did not consider the feelings of others" Ruby Lin Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the artist Ruby Lin [micro-blog] is currently about 4 months pregnant, the day before the event, not sure about the baby’s gender, face can not hide the joy will become a mother, and her husband hand dating was photographed appearance, but also inspire envy. However, the day before her in a social networking site and fans share Italy boutique new bags, but by the netizen: "how many bags to choke the sun?" "Have you ever thought about the feelings of others?" Ruby Lin 15 in the face book posted a brand bag, bright yellow is very eye-catching, some people laughed like "with Egg-Yolk Puff color is the mid autumn festival atmosphere, but there is one message expressed dissatisfaction," excuse me, Ms. Lin, how much do you want to bask in the bag? You feel happy, right?" The users believe that there are a lot of people’s living standard, and her salary is very huge, simply can not afford to buy her a share of the brand, as the star, you have been in the people above is from the people, is also considering what to do for people?" I hope she can give the community more feedback. In this regard, there are many people speak Ruby Lin: "good karma will have sent the bag", "common heart look good, do not love the skip, I also can’t afford to live in luxury, not to brand, can not afford to open the car, everyone has everyone a happy way."相关的主题文章: