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Rosewood furniture for which: like a self hype or cost improvement in October 5th, the seventeenth session of the general assembly (CITES COP17) fell curtain. As a major event decided the fate of the mahogany industry raw materials — CITES, will give "what impact Zhangshengyipian" market of raw materials and finished products of mahogany furniture market? At the same time, "price" is the self hype of mahogany businesses, or the cost of furniture products increasingly inevitable? In this regard, the reporter consulted the Ji’nan mahogany furniture market related industry. Several main raw materials mahogany conference of States parties in the international control of precious wood, all the bus and dalbergia flowers and red sandalwood hedgehog included in Appendix two of controls, Laos rosewood export ban, Madagascar dalbergia wood trade ban suspended aloes wood products is still regulated, not included in the regulation of endangered rosewood in Southeast asia. In addition, the ASEAN CITES expert group will also continue to submit to the general assembly (Burma pear padauk) and bird foot (Laos rosewood pear), Dalbergia oliveri (white wood) and Barry (Dalbergia rosewood, cuttlefish) endangered species in Appendix two of the proposal. The rosewood (Dalbergia) control level from the annotation of Appendix II of the 5 upgrade marked 4, will expand the scope of regulation from the logs, sawn timber and plywood to furniture and parts. It is not difficult to see that, as China’s mahogany market, several major raw materials are mahogany has entered the international regulation, and the depletion of raw materials mahogany is an indisputable fact. Insiders told reporters, in fact, in the resolution of the CITES COP17 out of the week, the domestic mahogany raw materials has gone up 10%, compared with a year ago, rose more than 30%, up to a maximum of 50%. According to relevant data show that this year, especially in recent months, the current mahogany industry several major timber, red acid branch of ordinary timber about 150 thousand yuan per ton at the beginning of the year, has now exceeded $200 thousand. "At the beginning of the year more than 250 thousand yuan per ton, and now has more than 300 thousand yuan, an average increase of 40%. Squid (Dalbergia Barry) before the Spring Festival, aniseed 45 thousand yuan tons, about 60 thousand yuan per ton, 30 thousand yuan tons of ordinary materials, is now 45 thousand yuan tons, up 50%. Burma pear small materials have been from the beginning of 10 thousand yuan rose to the current 15 thousand tons to 17 thousand yuan tons of large size material from the beginning of 18 thousand yuan per ton rose to 30 thousand yuan a ton, compared with the year rose 60% to 70%. Not even into the African rosewood rosewood GB, the beginning of raw materials is about 2500 yuan per ton, now 5000 yuan, or 100%. Mahogany furniture prices or the inevitable choice mahogany raw material prices bring the most direct impact is to enhance the cost of mahogany furniture production. The reporter visited the mahogany furniture market in Ji’nan found that many dealers have received notice of price increases, the general increase in 10% up and down, and some single product up to a maximum of 27%. Of course, in this "up" sound, there has been a voice of doubt. Now talk about price increases, is not the business of self hype? Industry veteran told reporters, regardless of how the market looks at the mahogany home相关的主题文章: