Robin Li sun worm photograph Baer or accept the offer together eat worms.-xpphone

Robin Li sun worm photograph: Baer or accept the offer together eating insects in the evening of August 26th, Baidu CEO Robin Li Baidu Post Bar Robin Li released a theme of "suddenly be invited to eat worms" post, also posted a wide open mouth to eat worms photos. The day before, the famous explorer, presenter Baer · Greer J (Bear Grylls) publicly invited Robin Li to own hosting a field live recording of the show. Robin Li today evening response has promised to invite the invitation of Baer. Robin Li wrote in Post Bar, many people advised me to return the hackathons, I have so bad? Enjoyed being challenged said Baidu culture, I love that cannot predict what will be the next minute feeling, have the opportunity to get close to nature, adventure to the unknown, is a very cool thing. Although Baidu PR overnight to do the assessment, suggested that Robin Li declined this recording solicitation, but now it seems that Robin Li does not intend to accept this proposal, together with Baer but ready to challenge the survival of the wild fun.相关的主题文章: