Ren Zeping six plenary session to enhance the risk appetite of the stock market to enhance cost

Ren Zeping: six plenary session to enhance the stock market risk appetite to enhance the national investment price competition: Irving King peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line bloggers to tutor events: 1-9 months, the national scale industrial enterprises realized profits grew 8.4%, the growth rate was flat with 1-8. September month profit grew 7.7%, the growth rate down by more than 11.8 percentage points in August. Comments: 1) core point of view: September corporate profits fell, mainly due to the slowdown in sales and base effect. But since the beginning of the year, corporate earnings continued to improve, benefiting from the supply contraction, commodity prices, PPI rebound, real estate demand driven recovery and financial costs decline. Sub industry perspective, the upper reaches of the middle, coal, steel, petrochemical, nonferrous metals, automobiles and other high growth, power down. Since July the company began to fill the library. The regulation of real estate will increase in 2017 downtown pressure on the economy, but the government increased infrastructure, improving exports, devaluation of corporate earnings rose driven manufacturing investment recovery may partially offset the decline in real estate investment impact, L economy is slowly dip. CPI is expected in the 4 quarter rebound is expected to continue to pick up PPI a spent force, but the pressure still remains. The RMB depreciate, increase capital outflow pressure, the central bank in a short generation long supplementary liquidity, the rising cost of funds, according to the twenty-first Century economic report of the central bank is to promote the bank balance sheet financing into MPA generalized credit assessment, liquidity tightening. The bond market rose after the housing policy, the stock market price increase, the six plenary session of the Central Committee enhance risk appetite, the housing market regulation to increase the inflow of funds into the bond market leverage expected economic stall type L tail risk elimination, is the accumulation of power market. The potential risk from exchange rate depreciation triggered capital outflows, the central bank deleveraging lead to tighter liquidity, real estate regulation over, at present the overall control. 2) although profits fell in September, but overall is still in the process of improvement. This year, benefiting from the supply contraction, rising commodity prices, PPI rebound, real estate demand and financial costs decline, profits of industrial enterprises continued to improve, the cumulative growth picked up from the beginning of the 4.8% month of 8.4% to 1-9. September profit decline was mainly affected by the slowdown in sales, low base effect and other effects. 3 points of view, the upper reaches of the continuation of the rebound, the middle of the squeeze by the decline, coal, iron and steel, petrochemical, nonferrous metals, automotive and other high growth year on year, the decline in electricity. 1-9 months, coal mining and dressing industry gross profit increased by 65.1%, petroleum processing, coking and nuclear fuel processing industry increased 2.6 times, up 13.1% chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing, non-metallic mineral products industry grew 9.3%, ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry increased 2.7 times, non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry increased by 33.2%, growth 13% automobile manufacturing industry, computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry increased by 16.7%, electricity, heat production and supply industry decreased by 5.7%, oil and gas industry profits from the same period. 4) enterprise supplement. 1-9 month finished product theory相关的主题文章: