Reality version of the Lego group to the disadvantaged melia kreiling

To the reality of the disadvantaged groups Lego hut many children love Lego building blocks. The reason is that as long as these plastic building blocks piled up, you can spell out many of the things you want, such as a beautiful house. The 34 year old Columbia architect Oscar Mendes (Oscar  Andres  Mendez  Gerardino) is doing something similar, but the difference is that he used "plastic bricks to build a house is true. It is Oscar’s original intention to provide a decent, decent home for the homeless. The poor could not afford the expensive steel and concrete, so he put his eyes on the waste plastic. Columbia singer Fernando lianos, used plastic recycling material built himself a house. Oscar, who was still studying at the school of architecture, was inspired by his graduation thesis to turn this idea into a professional study. Years later, Oscar put the idea into practice. Using plastic to build a house, the raw material is almost ready. "Only in Columbia, the capital of Bogota, was thrown into landfill each year to reach 6300 tons, of which about 12%, which is 750 tons of waste plastic. But only about 100 tons of plastic waste recycling." Oscar said. Oscar invented the process sounds very simple, is to put these plastic garbage recycling, after breaking up, press "synthetic plastic bricks". But it took nearly 10 years for Oscar to polish the process. This "plastic brick" is not only low cost, but also safe and durable. More specifically, they do not have to rely on cement can be built houses, the secret lies in the groove and convex tiles. Just like the pile of "Lego" as building blocks, as long as the groove and the convex mark alignment plastic brick ", and then applying external force, friction extrusion in place, two pieces of plastic bricks can be produced by the elastic deformation of the respective to bite each other. A team of 4 people, as long as 5 days to build a house of 40 square meters. If necessary, a house built of this material can be broken down and rebuilt. In Oscar’s view, this invention has three benefits of economy, society and environment, also happens to fit the "UN sustainable development goals (SDGs)" on poverty reduction and development, environmental protection and other targets. "In Latin America, Africa and Asia, the housing gap is huge. 40% people living in these areas do not have their own homes. 1/7 of the world’s population lives in extreme poverty." Oscar believes that the "home ownership" is to improve the living conditions of these groups an important step. In addition, the use of this new type of plastic brick, will also greatly reduce the number of plastic waste in Columbia. You know, if the traditional way of garbage disposal, plastic garbage buried in the ground, it may take more than 500 years, these waste can be biodegradable. "Some institutions are doing the work of plastic waste recycling, the government is trying to solve poverty"相关的主题文章: