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Raise public list | yen value two win, a folding vehicle technology Sohu Mr. Geek for you every day to select the most important information to raise the public to use big data to tell you at home and abroad to raise public market financing in 7, amidst the winds of change list details statistics, ranking four platforms as usual. Data on the previous 7 days have increased, it is worth noting that the public to raise funds in the Jingdong within 1 days of rapid growth of nearly 10 million, behind the emergence of what is selling products? Industry industry comparison view, "intelligent travel" to 7 million financing up to the first "UAV" thunder down, and continue to expand and the advantages of "digital peripheral"; as the old "big brother" to keep the first 3 positions still million. The interpretation of "intelligent travel products today to help" won the category list, the Jingdong raise harvest product is a folding electric music world: P1, which launched 2 days won million financing, get support in the electric vehicle category in the list has row to seventh, the growth rate ranked second today. Geek Jun to see details page music world the details of P1, P1 and high standard version, according to the different needs of users. The use of dynamic diagram reflects the convenience and lightweight design. Lazy effort is also a certain happiness? Well, Geek Jun mouth but do not think that there is a little truth. In the light of safety brake and emphasize the bounty of the discount is relatively popular, and project updates in dynamic physical map. Growth rate ranked third is also an electric car, known as the pocket K1 from Taobao to raise public, but also on-line only 3 days of the project, the embrace of the million financing. Achievement today. The same is the emphasis on small, 30 seconds to complete rapid folding; volume after folding is equivalent to two A4 paper size, can be easily put into the bag, subway, commuter bus seems more convenient. The interesting thing is that the K1 will be built into the battery and motor tires, in order to meet its concise, integrated features. Do not know this Aluminum Alloy small body can withstand daily toss. Geek Jun small class project management system 1 login to the site: z.jd 2 "I find", "has been successfully launched" to raise public "to-do" 3 Click "to-do" into the project management system including project management: project update, query, modify, project file management (picture 1) project: the project can query to query all successfully launched to raise the public platform project, the query conditions include: – item number – item name – creation time – state – – state project project project project information label note: support export to spreadsheet (2) project progress: update project progress: order management including order inquiry, user portrait, delivery management etc.相关的主题文章: