Please wait a moment to celebrate Basa! A deadly black hole this data is too terrible-borderland

Please wait a moment to celebrate Basa! A deadly black hole this data is too terrible lack of joy wins away Barcelona Barcelona sina sports 2-1 Lectra Seville, 3 points in the bag is really happy, but the team in the first half of a disastrous performance, still have to pay enough attention to. As with the face of the week Manchester, sampaoli also in Seville under the ball and before the game, Seville rate is more than 60% in La Liga ball, after barcelona. The game has just opened, Seville on the ground with the help of the game, completely suppressed Barcelona, several times the opportunity to form a door. Roberto missed the ball despite the overall disadvantage, but the real reason for Barcelona to lose the ball is the direct cause of Roberto’s defensive mistakes. Sixteenth minutes of the game, the midfielder Sarabia oblique plug ball speed is not fast, responsible for marking Vitolo Roberto has not lost, but Roberto just put the ball out of the doings of ghosts and gods in the past, Vitolo homeopathic form a single, easy to break the deadlock. This is the last 4 games in Barcelona lost the ball of the game, but also almost all of the ball – the epitome of the loss of the ball – – tenth! According to the statistics of "sports world", including the game against Seville, so far this season, 17 games (La Liga, UEFA Champions League and West Super Cup) altogether lost 17 goals, including 13 mistakes directly from the team players, accounting for up to 76%, so that the data can only be used to describe the terrible. Three Barcelona midfielder in the first half when no one put the ball successfully into the area famous expert Balog commented this Barcelona in Spain: "they seem more like the other teams, they will also win a lot of games, but you won’t fall in love with them." It can be said, just before Messi scored the equaliser goal so far this season, Barcelona has fallen into the deep valley, Zhou Zhong lost to Manchester City, now also in the league tournament? Once lost to Seville, Barcelona and Real Madrid in the standings gap will be expanded to 5 points, while the first round of the national Derby in front of the integral gap is Barcelona can not bear the weight. Barcelona thanks to Messi, the second half also need to thank them all as if wakening from a dream. Although he stumbled, but the season is long, this is not the best in Barcelona, Juan pease this devil home court scored 3 points, its meaning is far greater than 3 itself. Then it will enter a new round of the national team, until the players regrouped, Peake and Alba may have a back injury, the Barcelona squad is neat will release more powerful fighting force. (Echo)相关的主题文章: