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[picture] a selection of just when the Father Bear maternal parenting information Sohu family education books recommend please pay attention to my public number "Da Da – children’s books" (dldhb2018) to a wake up from hibernation bear, when suddenly miss Dad, but he didn’t know how to have a baby. He went to consult a lot of animal, but the answer everyone is unique, because each animal to bear the answer and they are mostly related to the characteristics of. Until then, he met a special friend…… Listen to the story can not look at the phone, let the children listen attentively. This is conducive to the protection of the eyes, exercise the child’s attention, help to improve the baby’s understanding, and promote intellectual development. Adhere to the most important! Enjoy the picture a big bear woke up from hibernation, suddenly feel very lonely, he decided to raise a baby bear, but he did not know how to do, when Papa Bear, later, he was lucky to find a special friend…… One morning, the bear is still inside the cave to sleep outside, have a bird, while singing, while looking for worms. The entrance of a small birch leaves have not yet come, the naughty wind has been unbearable, in the thin thin branches, through and through…… Spring has come! Bear finally from hibernation, slowly opened his eyes, his stomach growl, sleep for several months, do not eat something, of course he’s hungry! He kept looking for something to eat, eat, eat, eat ah ah ah…… Soon, he had kept her plump. On a sunny afternoon, he sat down and thought…… Suddenly, he want to be a big daddy bear. But what to do to be a bear daddy? He has been thinking about the problem, no matter what he thinks, just can’t think of a good way. On the second day, he plucked up his courage and shouted, "who can tell me how to have a baby?"" Don’t know jump out of a small rabbit where very surprised and asked: "what did the bear? You say again, you really don’t know? The baby is the principal radish out ah! You have to look carefully, in the middle of the two radishes, if you see a pair of small ears out of the soil, pull him up, you have a baby! Of course, you have to carefully pull oh!" The little rabbit to leave, he also smiled at the bear said: "how are you? It’s amazing!" Although the bear, do not believe that the little rabbit said, especially the pull part of the ear, but the second day, he went to the garden radish…… A magpie said to bear very surprised: "what? Are you looking for a baby between two radishes? No, no! The method is very simple, just find an egg, squat down to hatch it, you will have a baby!" The bear thought that this method is not quite right, but he decided to find a suitable place to hatch…… )相关的主题文章: