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[Photo] in the autumn to see what Yaqing monks eat for breakfast? Sohu – tourism National Day [Photo] autumn Sichuan program is focused on Yaqing temple and color, we’re going to the farthest back to Yaqing temple, known to select the line color, then the order is completely correct, just to avoid the rush hour of seda. Yaqing temple also known as Wujin Yaqing Buddhist temple, located in the Atchafalaya Xiang Chang District in Baiyu County, Lord Ninmaba of Tibetan Buddhism (red). From the descendants of Tibetan Buddhism in seventh Century one thousand years, Tibetan Buddhism through its own development and integration, today has developed into five branches, one person (Huang Jiao) the most growth, Ninmaba (red) times. Yellow temples are mainly concentrated in Tibet, such as the Lhasa suburb of Drepung Monastery, tashilhunpo monastery, salad in Shigatse, the other is Huang Temple monastery of the Kumbum Monastery in Qinghai, Gannan, the red temple mainly concentrated in Kham (Sichuan), Baiyu county has the most white jade has the Millennium Temple (GA drag related diary Ning: into our land, explore the mystery of paternal (4) first Kham temple – GA Temple) and drag Baiyu temple, therefore Baiyu County, also known as Ning to our. The Lord of the Nyingma sect temple was built in the 1984 Asian Youth Temple Temple, although the time is not long, but Yinqijuemu Island, making it extremely influential Tibetan temple, and because of the convenience of transportation, and quickly became the photography enthusiasts blitz tour pal place. Chang Qu River bypass here formed a peninsula, the island is the world’s largest Buddhist region, the island lived more than 10000 (female Buddhist practitioner), thousands of Zaba (male yogi) living in the island. Allowed to live in the island only Buddhist underage boys, they are sister or other female relatives to follow this practice. Because do not allow male tourists wandering in the Buddhist Island, so sometimes see some male photographers to capture, in a squat is a good bridge. (the Buddhist Island, the island patron side Zaba’s place) as the last to no arrangements into the Buddhist temple to the island to shoot, so this particular hope that things in the Buddhist Island capture points, did not expect or hope in vain. National Day during their sleep every day from morning to evening, turn to the mountain, the Buddhist island is a basic floating island. Disappointment is a person everywhere, unexpectedly in a temple in the island just met monk (Zaba) at breakfast, so have the opportunity to shoot a group of pictures. The temple is the Christians chanting Buddha to gathering place, the two layer is the Zaba dining and doing homework, want to go to temple to be on the first floor of the stairs and Zhaimao can enter inside. On the two floor for a moment, they found Zaba food is not the same, I tried to talk to their Zaba exchange, they found a lot of people are not Chinese, or when in Tibetan with me, or simply answered "don’t understand", and finally asked to one from the mainland came near the Zaba, understand some. Put beans or corn in the tower before they eat zaba. At the side of the table placed a lot of small boxes, each box are affixed written Tibetan (Limited相关的主题文章: