Panasonic released g85lx10 to enhance support for 4K image splitit

Matsushita released G85 LX10 to enhance the influence of the World Expo in support of 4K The Verge Chinese image station reported on September 20th Matsushita just held in Cologne on camera released a variety of new products, and these products are basically replacement upgrades to existing products, involving many different series, and joined the 4K support in the existing characteristics. The first is the new Lumix G85, which was released earlier this year GX85’s successor, most of the performance is the same with GX85, including 43 mini frame sensor and five axis graphics stability system, 4K video capture. The new G85 in splash and dust and other characteristics have been enhanced, and reduce the size of the fuselage. Compared with the previous GX85, G85 looks more like a no camera. In the new features, G85 uses a OLED electronic viewfinder 2 million 360 thousand pixels and can flip 3 inch display. G85’s single price of $899 (about 6000 yuan), while the price of $(12-60mm) with a lens set of $6660, will be listed in. Next is Lumix LX10, which is an upgraded version of LX7. The machine is equipped with a full metal body, five axis image stabilization system, and the continuation of a 20 million pixel 1 inch sensor, and CES released on the same ZS100. At the same time, Panasonic has promoted the matching lens type, support 24-72mm lens and 1.4 to 2.8 aperture. In addition, LX10 also supports 30fps 4K HD video capture and 120fps HD video. But the camera is not equipped with EVF electronic viewfinder, but only a 1 million pixel 3 inch LCD touch screen can be flipped 180 degrees. It is reported that this LX10 priced at $699 (about 4660 yuan), the listing time for November. Finally, a dedicated video workers to create a Lumix FZ2500, basically can be seen as a new version of the G4, but can not replace the lens. FZ2500 provides 20 times optical zoom, while the lens parameter is 24-480mm, the aperture is 2.8-4.5. Panasonic said that this FZ2500 can bring a video camera comparable to the effectiveness of professional cameras. In addition, FZ2500 is equipped with a 1 inch 20 million pixel sensor, support 30fps 4K Ultra HD video shooting, and shooting ability has reached 12 per second. At the same time with the new G85 FZ2500 is equipped with a 2 million 360 thousand pixel OLED electronic viewfinder and the same 3 inch 1 million pixel touch screen flip. Price, FZ2500 price of $1199 (about 7995 yuan), will be listed in December this year. Original author: Sean O ‘Kane: Bear) Click to read the original English recommendation: attention to the number of Tencent WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi), take you to play all kinds of cool new products, cutting-edge information, a.相关的主题文章: