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Oral: mother married marry my stepfather after the nightmare begins the number of public concern "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Summer teacher Hello, from small to large, I hate my stepfather, because he is always very fierce. I know, the condition is not good at home, he has my mother to buy two sons, and I was my mother brought over the daughter, he certainly will not treat me. At about age ten or so, I went out to catch crayfish that day, but also to make money to buy snacks to eat, because you can sell a few dollars a pound. It’s dark. I’m coming home. Just enter the house was my face hengrou stepfather, picked up the broom to hit Mongolia corner. I scream my mother crying, don’t fight in the side shouting, but he is not close hand, then kick also let me kneel, not to eat. Mother in the home, the right is very small, she only know to cry. I hate her, who is not good, to find such a big and tall man. Every time I play is the stepfather, without mercy. Two brothers in his stick education, became very honest, but also very good results. I was a girl, he did not know how to pity. Also because it is a girl, home chores, cooking and washing are all I do. And my mother, he was always called to the field work, or go out to send to others briquettes. My stepfather, is to do business in the years of briquettes, business can, for the three of us reading no big problem. Until recent years, coal business more and more bad, more and more people in the rural coal burning less. The two brother to go to college for money, I read high school money, home conditions worse day by day. I have a month off on home that night I ate in the kitchen to wash the dishes, accidentally see him standing in the doorway after smoking a cigarette, smoked a few cigarettes, he picked up the mobile phone to call others, an opening is to borrow money…… The first time I saw that he stooped down to talk to anybody. Really, no dignity. I was about to tell the meaning of listening, others are not willing to lend him a set of golf clubs, began to pray for others to lend him one thousand dollars. At that moment, my heart seems to be a pinprick, went to grab his mobile phone, took a look at the screen, that is to call my uncle. I was on the phone, roared: uncle, your money is not uncommon, you just want to lend us, we do not borrow! I was hung up, he hurriedly rush past, look at the mobile phone said: what are you doing? How about your uncle? Finish saying, raise hand and prepare to hit me. I gave him a white eye and went into the house. That night, until midnight, I could hear him calling people to borrow money. I know, he is to give me a living expenses, because a few days, I went to school and hundreds of pieces. I get back to school that day, he gave me four hundred yuan, said: flowers ah! In fact, I really do not want his money, but there is no way, I want to read. When I was in high school that year, I graduated from college, and my stepfather asked my brother to pay his wages every month. Senior year of high school, my older brother graduated from college, the same stepfather required wages to hit home to brother. One is for my school, while my mom zhuayao. At that time, my mother had three, must)相关的主题文章: