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Officials sacked say "words"? Media: Official airs affected by the environment in the new network – the folk of the official best praise is often a bit like an official this person; the people speak no bureaucratic airs. Official airs more from environmental cues and edification. ————————————————————- eight episode TV documentary "never aired on the road" recently, in my opinion, the program highlights not only the shocking details of corruption, not just by the parties, but in return the sacked corrupt normal voice. I did many years of television programs, some officials say that prefer lying, cliches, lies, and the correct nonsense, it is difficult to hear their heartfelt sincere words. And after sacked, these officials can finally speak like ordinary people. When in office, or they vehemently, or righteous, what is more, domineering, swagger before others. Even in the strictly under the background of new era, some corrupt officials are still wearing a mask, a falsetto, and constantly face panic. How many people are there in the cop sweating, take the initiative to the discipline inspection and supervision departments to ideology, their crimes? In the case before the examination, how many people have touched the soul of deep reflection, deep repentance? Some officials of the civil society has long been evaluated: he said on stage, the audience to talk about him. Oral and written expression of officials, although not received specialized training in broadcasting and hosting, but they face subordinate and grassroots speech, indicating when the manner, voice, often conceal superiority and arrogance; in the face of superior leadership, is a pair of opposite humility and surrender and obedience, completely different. Folk is often on an official best compliment: a bit like an official this person; the people speak no bureaucratic airs. Official airs more from environmental cues and edification. An escape from officialdom’s friend said, once he is scheduled to implement a simple phone call, his voice to leaders in charge of confidential briefings, hard points out, the higher authorities "confidence". Later, when he continued to face the masses, never get confidence, no official kind of tone, had to leave quietly. Have to admit that some people are swaggering and cliches on the leadership positions. Why are these people career so smooth? Officials have summed up their own growth experience, a feeling is afraid to reveal to the public, the official, don’t say your words, don’t easily say the truth. I heard a main party leadership openly said that the greatest distress is down to hear the truth! I would like to ask a question, you can tell how much truth in front of superiors? Is not to wait until the end of the political life, only defense collapsed, "his words are good? How to choose the system of appointment and appointment to "talk"? The system should be designed to shield and cliches, big lies, allow and encourage people and sincerely. Corrupt mouth many people "" the truth ", a surprise and sigh:" people say "in front, man-made Dragon相关的主题文章: