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Notice: Cao rocks exclusive secret impact of major events in October A of the stock market! Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my mysterious large coffee for you cao rocks depth interpretation of major events affecting the October capital market you have in the financial sector set off waves of Mr. Cao Shanshi as early as October 17th 8:30 will bring you what secret? Live in a period of great coffee, Cao rocks to chat a hot date policy for everyone at the same time, the depth of analysis of the related debt, real estate regulation, the backdoor and other related investment opportunities, we must benefit, to live a new period is waiting. You don’t have to worry! In early October 17th 8:30 (Monday), Cao rocks will continue to live online, make a sharp comment on hot events in the capital market, share investment experience, listed companies to decrypt those things, not to be missed! Sina recently invited several expert Cao Shanshi Li Daxiao, big coffee, leather etc. live online Q & A, by a lot of investors! In just the past week, the country has just released the two extremely important swap files, mysterious large coffee Cao rocks said: debt implementation to the corporate, reducing leverage need good market environment, coupled with the limited stock market after the city must give the RMB assets to provide the opportunity to make money, the stock market may usher in a new round up…… So for the upcoming opening of the Hong Kong Shenzhen Tong, he has what insights? What are the major events in October will affect the trend of A shares? Click view live address. Mysterious large coffee to take you through many obstacles, dialysis market! Cao Shanshi is a mystery, the outside world is almost absolutely ignorant of him, but whether it is news, industry trends ministries or the company insider, Cao rocks often react fast and full of insight into the market response. Would you like to discuss the market with the mysterious person, and look forward to his exclusive decryption? Please open your Sina Finance client, and the mysterious large coffee online communication! Sina Finance exclusive financial field "investment share whisper" series of activities, invited Cao Shanshi, leather, etc. lidaxiao heavyweight guests settled through live online on the sina finance client form, share a lot of valuable content of dry cargo. As long as you can download the Sina client and click on the process will be able to view the famous big V exclusive broke the news, more sharp comments, investment information to share with you. Still hesitant what? Sweep the two-dimensional code below to watch live! Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: