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Not far away from these treasure minute risk – Sohu is not far away from the mother these minutes is dangerous, treasure the outside world is wonderful, the outside world has many risk factors, the body is a delicate treasure, these things, the untouchables, you will be able to avoid them? Open the bottle — South saw a lot of hot boiling water is completely the treasure, special feeling, a walking instability of the treasure, how hot so badly? Of course, 100% of the parents dereliction of duty, or serious dereliction of duty! You have your own Baba mama, recall that there is no easy to put on the living room table used to open the bottle? When opening the bottle on the table, the treasure in the crawling pad, an oversight, treasure enough to open the bottle…… Therefore, the water bottle must be put high put high and then high, how far away from the treasure. All kinds of small things (buttons, needles, toothpicks etc.) – open bottle is the most conspicuous, those inconspicuous? Xiao Nan is not receiving excessive swallowed foreign bodies treasure, parents dereliction of duty +1. A certain Andy, all kinds of small things to clean up, and put in the treasure to reach out, occasionally, also to develop a good habit of "where to take back". You know, the most serious consequences of swallowing is suffocation. Drugs – to explore the world, treasure is the hands and mouth, in their eyes, there is nothing in the world can not eat. Natural drugs do, it should be placed in the treasure to reach the drawer, Baba mama said: we all know that. The treasure to eat calcium like ah, to open, with vitamin pills which are similar in shape, you know? If grandma and grandpa a vision, to treasure the wrong feed then trouble. Plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic wrap to wear it on the head, and finally the unfortunate asphyxia baby, not to frighten you, every year there are many, so don’t be lazy, don’t save money, the plastic bag is plastic bags, not treasure toys. The thermometer — again, just the thermometer thermometer, not treasure toys, if you give the amount of treasure after the body temperature, shoving the thermometer for the little guy to play, if broken, tied or small, mercury is poisonous. The sharp corners of the table corner — if the decoration, buy a sharp furniture, a treasure, must give the corners of paste bar and collision angle, but also regularly checked off. Otherwise? Under the age of 2 treasure, was sharp corners of the table table and hit need to go to the hospital for stitches, almost every day. The window balcony fell from the window — Bao reported regularly see? Even to the window with anti-theft fence, can not stop bursting with curiosity treasure, so don’t put a bed in the window, if the treasure by bed climbed up the window? OK, off the bed, stool? Put the stool under the window = the opportunity to climb the treasure. All away? The living room window? Yes, it is necessary to install the fence, the so-called "strong" glass can not stop the treasure. Don’t tease pet — in general, your dog and cat will not take the initiative to hurt the treasure, but if angry?相关的主题文章: