No fly list long battery fried panic Samsung wharfedale

No fly list stretched Samsung battery explosion and panic following the Federal Aviation Administration and the Japan domestic airlines to later, Samsung Note 7 added no fly list yesterday, HNA Group and Capital Airlines also issued a notice prohibiting employees and passengers boarding or Samsung Note 7 shipments, so Samsung this big trouble. As Samsung Heavy products in the second half of this year, Note 7 was given a major hope, but now only the ability to seek the Samsung battery event to minimize the impact of the company. Insiders said that although the battery problem is not pushed to the bottom of the Samsung, but the negative impact will be caused to a certain extent, Samsung hit. Embargo extension of domestic HNA Group micro-blog released the official issued "on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery combustion or explosion risk of the emergency notice". The notice said that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 released more than a month, a total of 35 in the world caused by battery defects caused by explosion and fire accident. In order to effectively prevent the security risk and risk derivatives, banned all cadres and staff in carrying the HNA Group Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices and prohibit the boarding, with the baggage; in addition, HNA Group of aviation transportation enterprises also do not accept passengers using Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone charging, or with the baggage on the plane. In Hainan, Capital Airlines yesterday through the official micro-blog announced not to accept passengers using Samsung Galaxy Note7 and charge or baggage on the plane. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters found that, as of now, Samsung Note 7 phone has been China, the United States, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Australia and other countries and regions in the more than and 10 countries to carry and consignment. In September 8th, Qantas, Jetstar and virgin Australia Airlines announced that the use of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 of the passengers are not allowed to open or charge in the machine, in order to avoid danger; in September 9th, Singapore Airlines announced a ban on all of its flights using Note 7; the U.S. consumer product safety Commission also issued a warning in 9 days this month, urging consumers to stop using Note 7 mobile phone, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines — United States 3 largest passenger volume airlines announced on the gate and machine told the passengers on the plane, Note 7 hand machines do not boot or charge; in September 10th, Samsung issued a similar statement for Korean consumers etc.. HNA Capital Airlines and is China mainland before two blocked Samsung airlines, Hongkong Airlines has also issued guidelines required to carry or use the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smart phone passengers on flights to keep the power phone shut, not rechargeable or stored in checked baggage. About whether other domestic airlines will follow, the Beijing Daily reporter linked to the Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines, Air China has not received notice of the relevant responsible person said, as of press time, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines did not give a reply. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of SamSung China said it was not clear. This table相关的主题文章: