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Neonatal care 5S appease the law – the mother of all the children of the Sohu will cry, whether you believe it is really a good thing. Think about it, if the baby does not cry, how can we know that the baby is hungry, cold, or uncomfortable? Research shows that in the first few months of the baby, almost every day crying 1.5 hours. There are a small number of children with intestinal cramps, crying 3 hours a day or longer. If you talk to other mothers talking about the baby crying, it is usually very "magic" to find that other baby’s crying time and their own baby in the evening?. When the baby finally fell asleep, mom and Dad were exhausted… Persistent crying baby will bring a lot of pressure on the family and a series of problems, including marital conflicts, postpartum depression, etc.. In the United States, more than $1 billion a year is spent on the diagnosis of infant crying and the resolution of parental stress. A lot of people will tell you that when the baby is bigger. But mom and dad really need to have some guidance on the comfort of the baby. From the California Dr. Harvey Karp is an assistant professor at a well-known pediatrician and University of Southern California School of medicine in pediatrics. During his 30 years of pediatric practice, he found that simulating the state of life of the newborn in the womb can be a quick way to soothe the baby. He summed up the "5S rule" to help mom and dad to appease the baby: Baby package (Swaddle), or the plane side holding the baby (Side-Stomach Position), boo or Bai Zaoyin (Shush), gently shaking (Swing), let the baby to suck (Suck). The first S: Swaddle package to simulate the baby in the womb has been tightly wrapped in the state, is to appease the baby’s foundation. Typically, the package (swaddle) compared with the other four S faster, because the baby’s two arms can not swing the baby easier to calm down. Note: the need to be the baby’s arms tightly wrapped in scarf, simulated uterus wrapped feeling. In addition to crying and sleeping in the baby, the other time not to wrap up the baby, but also need to prevent overheating after wrapping the baby. What if the baby keeps trying to get rid of the package? Then try another 4 S on the basis of the package. Second S: Side-Stomach Position baby lying on his side or plane holding only safe for the baby sleeping posture is lying in bed, but this is the most difficult to appease the baby’s posture. This is a S refers to the side of the baby, or the use of aircraft hold the posture of holding the baby. Need to have parents around the baby lying on his side, to prevent the baby fall asleep after asprone increased neonatal sudden death syndrome (SIDS) risk. Third S: Shush hissed white noise or other babies do not need absolute quiet. Think about it, the baby in the womb 24 hours to listen to micro相关的主题文章: