NDRC online shopping report 4 months increased 240% yuanzhongyuan reported the largest – Beijing-brock lesnar

NDRC: online shopping report 4 months increased 240% "yuanzhongyuan" reported the largest – Beijing Beijing in September 26, according to the NDRC website news, the Commission today released report shows that in August, 12358 price supervision platform accepted a new high since January 2015 opening, the price to over two consecutive months million. Online shopping reported 240% growth in 4 months, 7 to August, the tourism industry hot spot price continues to heat up, the most popular scenic spots, including most of the consumer reports "yuanzhongyuan" prices. During the period 7 to August tourist season, tourism industry platform received a total price reporting, consulting 1705, completion rate of 100%, effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. September all kinds of colleges and universities have opened, but also the value of the Mid Autumn Festival, education fees and holiday market order will be the focus of the 12358 price supervision platform. First, in August the admissibility of the platform a high volume of innovation, prices continue to exceed ten thousand pieces (a) platform to record a record amount of acceptance. August, 12358 regulatory platform received a total price of letters and visits, complaints, complaints, consulting, an increase of 13.8% over the same period last year, a record high since opening. The price report 10746, accounting for 17.2%, an increase of 110.2%, growth of 5%; the price of complaints 6343, accounting for 10.15%, an increase of 57%, growth of 3.5%; price consulting 45360, accounting for 72.64%, down 0.8%, a decline of 5.3%. (two) online shopping reported an increase of 240% over the past 4 months. May, the first report of online shopping prices to enter the top five hot industry, followed by a sustained rapid growth in the last four months, the platform received a single month from the rapid growth of the number of the year August to 6728 in the year of April, by the blessing of 240%. Show the rapid development of online shopping, while the industry price order is also urgent to regulate. (three) Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shandong provinces ranked in the forefront of the admissibility of the platform. The platform accepted the top ten provinces are Beijing (6841), Shanghai (5576), Jiangsu (5411), Zhejiang (4706), Shandong (4631), Guangdong (3892), Hubei (3249), Henan (3094), Chongqing (2389), Fujian (2082 pieces). Two, during the summer tourism market price order in 7 and August, 12358 price supervision platform handled the tourism industry price reporting, consulting 1705, completion rate of 100%, the market order is generally stable. According to the analysis of the data, the hot spot of tourism industry presents obvious regional characteristics. (a) the price of hot tourism industry continues to heat up. Since the operation of the platform since the opening, the price of the tourism industry continues to grow, and in August of each year, in October reached two high levels. (two) the most popular scenic spots. In the 12358 price management platform for the admissibility of the August – 1705 reports, consulting pieces, reflecting the price of scenic spots have a price of 13 of the total number of Listed Companies in the market, the price of goods in the market, the price of 7.相关的主题文章: