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Musk was rocket bomb 8 satellites, but insisted on doing things impossible – the Sohu of science and technology in recent years, aerospace science and technology in the circle of fire was not good. Tesla CEO eilon musk · at the same time in the operation of SpaceX, playing the Recyclable rocket; Facebook founder Zuckerberg in the company’s ten year plan disclosed in a satellite planning. Not long ago, when Mask’s rocket exploded at launch, it blew up a $200 million Internet satellite! Yes, we are in the eyes of the satellite is usually hanging space distant thing, cost hundreds of millions of dollars, is quite far away from the lives of ordinary people, it seems that only these people can afford. (meteorological satellite) but the United States has a start-up company production of satellite only shoebox, every day in the work to the earth every point on the surface of the camera, and the company will let everyone can get a panoramic view of earth map, from different angles to show you. In fact, before the rocket blew up a small bar by satellite, he had destroyed 8 satellites of this start-up companies! Today, run faster than Hongkong reporters will take you to visit the inspector team. This is how a start-up company? (Silicon Valley spy hand real satellite) with satellite spy hands called "Dove", only an ordinary notebook computer weight. This "Dove" was developed by Planet Labs, a company founded by three NASA scientists in San Francisco. (Planet Labs Logo) the birth of Planet Labs is full of Silicon Valley genes — and also in the garage. The garage was born with their first satellite products, and in a few years after that, Planet Labs had 12 successful iterations of their satellite products. In the original garage, as of last year’s statistics, venture capital related to space exploration was worth more than $2 billion, with a total of $200 million this year. Planet Labs is a single large, has raised a total of $200 million financing, now became the object of many venture capital institutions and media, making strides running on your way to becoming a satellite field of Unicorn company. (the company corridor is full of articles reported by major media) what is "Dove"? Described as the founder of the Will Marshall Planet Labs was founded to like that, "we are constantly changing in order to better understand the planet", their "Dove" satellite is to the earth every point on the surface of imaging. Today, there are 87 space in the "Dove" is revolving around the earth for about 24 hours, is expected by the end of this year there will be more than 150 "Dove" over the earth to observe the changes in every corner of the earth. (founder Will Marshall) "Dove" satellite mainly by communication antenna, optical sensor camera, power supply and panel four probe相关的主题文章: