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More than 200 experts covering all Army missile rocket missile Brigade (Figure) – Beijing rocketforces focus war outstanding performance the selection and training of high level talents in missile experts covering all missile brigade missile experts to provide technical guidance for the grassroots units. Photo by Song Xinning Washington Yuan Sihai, special correspondent Li Yongfei reports: in early August, the Rockets in a missile brigade Trinidad cross executive launching exercise task, the newly elected in the rocket missile experts deputy chief engineer Chen Fangfang rush in the brigade exercises first, become Dinghaishenzhen technology decision, operation control "". A month ago, Chen Fangfang and 56 other related fields academic technology leaders, after all, the recommended personal description, field defense, review and voting process, the successful election in the rocket missile expert. So far, a total of more than 200 rockets and missile experts, covering all front-line missile brigade. In recent years, the rocket troops to formulate construction planning missile technical personnel, regularly organize selection review, train a number of covers more than 50 professional missile experts in more than and 10 areas, play an important role in combat training, technological innovation, technology control, decision-making consultation etc.. With the deepening reform of the army, the Rockets in the timely revision and improvement of relevant provisions of the "measures" missile expert selection review, focusing on the selection and training to win the war in various fields of academic and technological leaders. This review lasted 4 days, reporters on the scene learned that the selection of review, this review made clear "tilt, tilt, to brigade combat troops to first-line technical jobs to new combat forces tilt" principle, a more prominent role of major tasks and innovative achievements should perform their duties responsibly, with practical utility, service construction of combat efficiency the actual performance, make a long-term battle among the experts in the ranks of talents to fight missile combat training line. Among them, the 36 year old chief technology, a brigade of the equipment department of Deng Jiangtao, in a new type missile weapon training methods and tactics in the exploration of outstanding achievements, to be selected as a missile expert. To adapt to the new system, perform new functions, to fulfill the new mission, rocket missile expert team has new changes: experts into a more reasonable, the number of combat troops experts 74.4% increase than in the past, covering all the first missile brigade; professional layout was optimized, operational support and professional experts of emerging disciplines a substantial increase in the number of troops, to meet the development needs; the age structure has been improved, both retired experts sixty, new faces have 80, young experts reached more than 90%, a number of professional and solid foundation, high comprehensive quality and innovation ability of the missile expert, become the backbone of our military strategic missile forces personnel. Personnel training must be precise docking battlefield needs – a new talent, is "the most arduous war". The future war, no matter how the shape changes, people still is the key factor to determine the outcome. The war is not the talent. To win the future of information warfare, the key is to have a high-quality talent to fight the phalanx. Today, only a high degree of academic talent from the annual growth of the statistical data, the army’s shortage of talent to get relief. However, one to the training ground and the implementation of major tasks.相关的主题文章: