Married 4 annual output, the child just opened his mouth and burst into tears startled the doctor!

Married 4 annual output, the child just opened his mouth and burst into tears startled the doctor! Sohu maternal and child married for 4 years, and finally ushered in the arrival of a small angel, the joy of the news to Miss Zhu a very happy, especially her mother, was busy a table waiting for her daughter to return home from the hospital. But happy time did not last 1 months, Ms. Zhu and a worried. This month, Ms. Zhu is to eat what all spit, and sometimes the food is not the entrance, the smell of light began to vomit. After a couple of nights calf cramps, pain woke up. The family went to the hospital to accompany Ms. Zhu, the results are quite normal. The doctor said there may be some cramps calcium deficiency, so that their families do not excessive tension, and Ms. Zhu to open a bottle of tablets. In her eyes, a bottle of calcium is unable to give daughter-in-law nutritional supplement. Back home from the hospital, her mother immediately to foreign sister hit overseas telephone, let her send some calcium. And every day Bianzhuohuayang to daughter-in-law do calcium food. This fill up on to the baby, but Ms. Zhu malposition, coupled with premature rupture of the amniotic fluid, early cesarean section. The baby came out from his mother’s stomach, just opened his mouth to cry, the doctor was shocked, baby mouth long teeth". The end of the operation, the medical staff will be sent to the ward with ms.. At the same time, the doctor contacted the Department of Stomatology to consult. "This tooth to quickly pull the long, too strong, to prevent it fell into the esophagus or trachea". That afternoon when dentists will be the special patient to pull the teeth. The baby is long is the adult teeth, teeth, and Ms. Zhu’s children grow should be the folk saying "horse teeth". Most of the baby after 4 ~ 6 weeks, oral palate midline and gum edge appears some yellow and white dots, like a long out of the teeth. People called the horse tooth, medicine is called epithelial beads, epithelial pearls piled up by epithelial cells, is a normal physiological phenomenon, is not a disease. Although the long white dots "horse teeth" clinical often see, but like Ms. Zhu children this long formed complete small teeth, it is rare. Doctors said the performance, which is mostly Ms. Zhu during pregnancy, the calcium supplement too much, resulting in neonatal gingival overgrowth. Calcium supplementation during pregnancy should be with food, can eat more calcium rich foods, such as dairy products, soy products, dried small shrimps, kelp, seaweed, fish soup, pork ribs soup. If you need to form calcium medicine use, must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor, must not casually blindly added, because of excessive calcium, on fetal baby’s growth is harmful. Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章: