Man donated 17 years ago to do a kidney transplant now donate organs to save others ghost observer

Man donated 17 years ago to do kidney transplant organ donation now to save others, I want to have any misfortune, we must donate organs." In 1999, he received a kidney transplant operation. Rebirth after the old Xi had been grateful, he always said, my life is given by others, I want to pass on this love. In September 1st this year, aged or sudden cerebrovascular accident, into a state of brain death. According to the wish of his old joy, his family donated his liver and corneas in September 3rd. Liver failure patients Zhang Cheng (a pseudonym) successfully underwent liver transplantation. Accept a donated organ, and donated organs, like old Nanjing has become the "two-way organ donation" first person. 17 years ago, he donated a kidney transplant to do old joy, to be an athlete, doing business. In 1997, a diagnosis Book broke the quiet life of old joy and happiness. He was diagnosed with severe renal failure, critical condition, he did not want to drag the other half, forced his wife to divorce. To make her husband feel at ease, his wife Lu Fang agreed to divorce. Lu Fang turned quietly resigned from the field work, returned to Nanjing to accompany the old joy. Never abandon his wife moved, aged hi resolution and battled in the end. Two or later remarried. "What did I do to repay her? Only fight, do strong life, good husband to be worthy of love." In May 23, 1999, Chen Xi had a kidney transplant surgery in General Hospital of Nanjing Military Region. In his wife’s care, soon discharged aged hi. After discharge, the kidney fighter, every Monday, three, still want to go to the hospital through the blood, the other time to go to the company to do the work of the administrative work, but also to keep his daily life to enrich the. After the surgery, "the kidney strong fighters into Olympic Games after surgery, aged like browsing on organ transplantation site, accidentally discovered the world one to show the great achievements of modern medicine, organ transplant recipients to help transplant population to return to the society" for the purpose of the Olympic Games, and has held 12 sessions. At this special event, there are heart, bone marrow, pancreas, spleen, kidney and other transplant recipients. When the athletes experience, let the old hi determined recipients in the games, a self challenge. Ordinary athletes are not easy to do, he endured physical discomfort, to stop training. The first time for surgery is just over 1 years old, like developed a detailed training plan. Gradually, like old day can run 1500 meters, 100 meters sprint for 14 seconds, 50 meters breaststroke is 38 seconds. In August 2001, he represented People’s Republic of China at the thirteenth World Congress of organ transplant recipients. In the more than 1200 athletes from more than and 60 countries and regions by the Olympic Games, he won the gold three silver honors. When he lifted the barbell weighed 75 kg, everyone can’t believe the man in front was a renal failure patients. Thanksgiving, he decided early donated these years old like product under the thick two album, which is full of honor and memory. When the game photos, won the gold medal in the moment, as well as in the ward and the lover’s photo. "I hope I don’t.相关的主题文章: