Look at the way the 2016 Beijing autumn auction in the Qin and Tian Yu-winfast

Look at the way the 2016 Beijing autumn auction in the color jade color and Hetian jade seed material in Tian Yu due to a thin color of Hetian jade more and more market attention, Huang Qin and Qin red has been recognized, the jade material prices have also been rising. Color colors are rich, is brown, black and red, with mass, pulse distribution, thickness of skin color is usually smooth, up to a few centimeters. Natural color change color, shading is more level, to go inside the jade color is light color. In 2016 Beijing autumn auction in the right way, Beijing way closely follow the development situation of the market, for a few pieces of jade color uniform, delicate and perfect color of Hetian jade jade, every piece of work can not be copied, jade material scarcity and pretty color ingenious and many other features, for the Chinese jade carving master etc. masters, is rare in contemporary jade market, worthy of attention. LOT1156 Lin Guohua and nephrite seed material such as the banana Book Huai Su created by Chinese jade carving master Lin Guohua "Hetian jade seed makings to book Huai Su Jiao" is made of yellow Qinyu carved on the material, material characteristic. Hetian jade seed material yellow color formation, because the jade structure is delicate, mineral particle spacing, which is in the "dried meat floss" caused by, so the meat color jade seed material, are generally not delicate, the surface is not smooth. But the selection of Huang Qin seed material, but greasy moist, with hand, like butter. Then the light transmission, almost no structure, and the wage earners, in Huang Qin in the comprehensive performance of seed material, very rare. In the design, the author also because Shi Yi, carved Qiao Zhuo, facial muscles in line to the Huai Su, a rich stereo feeling. Jade shape precision line Huai Su aestheticism, skin relaxation, the overall shape and material characterization details of natural harmony, is vivid, showing the deep skill in dealing with the characters. LOT1196 Guo Wanlong Hetian seed material monkey Xian Rui pendant another created by China jade carving master Guo Wanlong "Hetian jade seed makings monkey Xian Rui pendant is carved on the material by Hong Qinyu, red is exquisite skillful, in contrast to the white part, two golden monkey, the rich gas oncoming. The overall composition of the work rigorous, smooth lines, full of tension, look just right. LOT1141 Wang Jinzhong and Hetian jade seed material of this piece is whispering ornaments red jade carving from Hetian jade seed material in a jade skin is red, because red brown jade is exquisite compact, unrecoginized jade, red brown jade jade is exquisite oil skin, the red color wrapped in color the jade white jade, known as the "gold and silver", the jade material can be met without resort. The maximum retained the shape and color of jade material, break the skin to make Hawthorn fun this traditional theme, but see the lotus lotus, the two ducks on the first side, like whispering. Wang Jinzhong is good at carving figures and birds, pursuit of harmony between man and nature in the works of design, delicate work, sophisticated minimalist design style, the design emphasizes because Shi Yi, fully understand the characteristics of each seed material.相关的主题文章: