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"Lonely world" explosion push poster exposure gold team reengineering zhongxinwangzhongxinwang flow Wang in October 9th today, from the East, and Century Star billion, music video, called mutual entertainment, Hunan Asia Cultural CO produced the song of ancient palace idol historical drama "Tokgo world" first exposure "explosion pusher" poster triggered widespread concern. Xixi Gao, He Shupei, Zhang Wei, Lin Guohua, Chen Tongxun, Zhong Zhipeng, Lin Jin, Connaught, the seven circle big figure in recent years to build the "Lu Zhen legend", "old nine door", "Gu Jian", "Zhen?", "new three" and other popular big drama, each department works almost have set a new record on demand flow network. This time, "the world" Tokgo snare seven large coffee gold team, let the concern in the beginning, caused many people look forward to. He Shupei & Zhang Wei creative joined forces together to create a flow just hit the king soon after the "nine weeks gate", Babang, opera boom triggered, the director He Shupei has been making a fire department evaluation "in the industry. Proud of his works "old nine door" "Live Flesh" also help William Chan to become a popular fried chicken ", he will serve as director of the" world "tokgo. "All the world" screenwriter served by the famous writer Zhang Wei, who wrote "Lu Zhen legend" "female biography" Princess "class medicine Shu legend" quality hot drama professor of literature at Beijing Film Academy and now specializes in female inspirational themes, the TV market is the power of the times, empress Dugu Qieluo it will become her stepdaughter princess, female medical Lu Zhen phase after the first alignment in the history of the queen, is expected to create a new wave of ratings. In the production of the world "," Tokgo also invited once to create "Gu Jian" "flesh" "The Legendary Swordsman" explosion models costume drama production director Lin Guohua led the team to escort. And Pop Producer Lin Jin Nobel will play "Tokgo world" producer responsibility, as he had already made a rookie have been the producer of "six door" and "Silk night" two works, they can rebuild a new explosion flow? The industry has long been looking forward to full. Lin Guohua & Lin Jin Nobel art vision three "Tokgo checks world" will bring a visual feast in addition to He Shupei, Zhang Wei, Lin Guohua, Lin Jin, joined forces outside of the explosion of writing checks, pushing hands and combination of art director Xixi Gao, Chen Tongxun, Zhong Zhipeng design and art design, will bring a visual feast for the audience. In the age play costume design known Chen Tongxun resume is brilliant, not only popular TV drama "biography", "Zhen Mi month biography", as well as the movie? "The master", "orphan", "Tai Ping ship", he worked with the movie "Mei Lanfang" won the Golden Horse Award for best design award. Zhong Zhipeng is good at art design manufacturing gorgeous atmosphere magnificent works, "Di Renjie Babel Empire" movies and other popular TV series "Lanling Wang", "Gu Jian" is impressive. In addition, has long been the identity of the director of the Xixi Gao in the "world" Tokgo as art director.相关的主题文章: