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Liaoning Commission for Discipline Inspection, a one-time notification 7 Hall official: two people out of the club original title: Liaoning 7 Department officials informed the Commission to investigate JINGWAH Times News (reporter Sha Xueliang) yesterday, the Liaoning Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission informed the recent investigation of the 7 violations of the central provisions of the spirit of the eight typical problems. Informed that, involving 7 cases of problem 7 per capita for bureau level officials, including 5 people from the provincial agencies, as 2 prefecture level city leaders. The investigation and handling of the problem occurred between 2013 and 2015. Among them, the provincial CPPCC population resources and Environment Committee, former director Ma Lihua, former president of Wang Benkui Institute of socialism are illegal access to private clubs, former deputy secretary of the Fuxin Municipal People’s Congress deputy director Li Shuangjin and Lee Wang Yang are rural work committee of the illegal use of the bus problem; another 3 people were involved during lunch drinking, examine during travel in disguise and violations make arrangements for weddings. 1 former deputy secretary of Fuxin municipal Li Shuangjin illegal use of official vehicles. Li Shuangjin, Minister of the Organization Department of Fuxin municipal Party committee, the use of corporate vehicles as a unit official vehicles. Li Shuangjin by the party a serious warning. 2 deputy secretary of the Huludao Municipal People’s Congress, deputy director Zhao Shutian lunch during the inspection led drinking problem. September 7, 2015 to 10, Zhao Shutian during the organization to carry out special activities during the investigation, in violation of the relevant provisions of the investigation in the dining room at noon and take the lead in drinking. Zhao Shutian by the party warning. Li Wangyang, deputy director of the 3 provincial people’s Congress Rural Work Committee illegal use of official vehicles. Li Wangyang served as deputy director of the Provincial Oceanic and fishery department and the provincial people’s Congress deputy director of the Rural Work Committee, the law enforcement vehicles as their personal official vehicles. Li Wangyang by the party a serious warning. Ma Lihua, former director of the CPPCC Provincial Committee of population, resources and environment, illegal access to private clubs 4. In October 2, 2015 and in October 3rd, Ma Lihua entered the private club organization, reception. Ma Lihua by the party a serious warning. 5 Industrial and Commercial Bureau, former deputy inspector He Lingli violations make arrangements for the wedding matters. In July 2014, he Lingli in violation of the relevant provisions of 2 to make arrangements for the marriage of his son. He Lingli by the party warning. 6 provincial salt administration by inspection of the machine learning problem to travel in disguise. In September 2013, Provincial Salt Administration by machine learning organization study personnel to Sichuan, Yunnan tourism public funds, when he was Secretary of Provincial Salt Administration Liu Jinwan responsible leadership. Liu Jinwan by the party warning. Wang Benkui, former president of the 7 provincial Institute of socialism illegal access to private clubs. In October 2, 2015 and in October 3rd, Wang Benkui entered the private club organization, reception. Wang Benkui by the party a serious warning. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: