Li Keqiang answers to questions from us chiefs it will soon be possible to import beef from the Unit

Answer question: American Gangster Li Keqiang will soon determine the beef import from the United States in the U.S. economy | Li Keqiang replied "big brothers" questions founded in 1907 in New York economic club, is the important public forum, is also the important place to carry out the activities of the speech. On the evening of September 20th, Premier Li Keqiang attended the 1000 National Committee between New York economic club, the US China Business Council and held a welcome banquet, speech and answer questions, witty humor coping, frequent. 4 short answer, the audience was interrupted by the warm applause and laughter for the 9 time. The following is the prime minister’s answer to the scene on the same day. China on foreign access to the field will be more and more wide, open the doors will open wider Berkeley securities company founder, chairman of the board of directors of the New York University Berkeley: with more Chinese enterprises to carry out investment business in the market around the world out, foreign investors are also looking forward to Chinese further open the market, how do you see? What are the views on further opening up the Chinese market? Premier Li Keqiang: at the beginning of China’s opening to the outside world, we pay attention to the introduction of foreign capital. China’s development to the present, in the context of globalization, we need to work with multinational companies, Chinese companies have to invest abroad. So we are now "Introduction" and "going out". But for a developing country like China, it still needs to attract a lot of foreign capital, which has a positive effect on China’s economy. Chinese the actual use of foreign capital has reached a total of $1 trillion and 700 billion, for 24 consecutive years to become the most attractive to foreign direct investment in developing countries, it is still to become a hot spot for foreign investment. We not only need foreign capital inflows to promote growth, but also the need for foreign investment to bring new management concepts and advanced technology. Of course, I would like to make clear that our cooperation in the field of technology is not a prerequisite, will not force foreign investment to China must transfer technology. Of course, I also heard that some foreign executives in charge of China’s market access restrictions in some areas. I can make it clear that China’s reform and opening up time is not long, many industries are gradually maturing process, this is a gradual process of deepening the process of opening up to the outside world. China’s access to foreign capital will become wider and wider, the door will open wider, and will not be closed. As long as you have the funds, there is a desire to invest, we warmly welcome specific projects can be negotiated down. (laughter) there is misunderstanding between China and the United States also have differences, but overall understanding is far greater than the misunderstanding and differences of New York stock exchange chief operating officer Farley: Thank you very much for Prime Minister Lee has in your country today the hotel reception we are honored to give you a question. The United States and China need each other, are the most powerful economies. I agree with the idea that you should respect each other. At the same time, we also see the problems of mutual distrust between the two countries. Can be seen on the RMB exchange rate, the protection of intellectual property rights in China related negative reports in the United States, the United States can also see a lot of negative reports in the Chinese, how do this do not trust each other to deal with the problems, strengthen the cooperation between the United States and China? Premier Li Keqiang: there is misunderstanding between China and the United States also have differences, but in general相关的主题文章: