Lenovo to push the new yoga, the use of a sense of pressure sensitive keyboard does not change the d bree daniels

Lenovo to push the new YOGA, the use of a sense of pressure keyboard does not change the drawing board – Sohu digital Lenovo Yoga series notebook has been excellent design and high color value. In this year’s IFA exhibition, Lenovo launched a series of new Yoga tablet computer — Yoga Book. Yoga Book configuration in general, what super thin design, watch hinge design, Atom X5 processor, nothing to say. The most attractive place is that the physical keyboard becomes a drawing board using Wacom technology. The drawing board Wacom is Lenovo called Halo Keyboard keyboard, support pressure, through the keyboard backlight display, also can be used as a drawing board, and the 2048 level matching stylus combination. Used to type words, the hand is certainly not as good as the physical keyboard, but used to write graphics but the top cool. The pen can change the ink pen, this Yoga Book on the drawing board on the pad a layer of paper was created, then not only the paper will have the creation of handwriting, drawing board below can also synchronize handwriting and pressure, the realization of "copy" effect. Yoga Book screen with 10.1 inches 1920× IPS resolution of 1200 touch screen, brightness 400nits. Equipped with a Atom x5-Z8550 Cherry Trail 4GB 64GB processor, RAM + ROM (support 128GB microSD extension), front 2 million rear 8 million pixel camera, integrated LTE module B G N + 802.11 a AC (2.4 5GHz Wi-Fi), 8500mAh battery can achieve 15 hours of battery life. Obviously, Yoga Book is facing with special needs in the drawing creation crowd, if the daily use of words, certainly various slot points, such as the carrier can stop wide border, no key process to "touch typing keyboard". Price, Android version priced at $499 (about 3333 yuan), Windows version will be $549 (about $3667). ————-END————– desk clutter affect the mood will reduce efficiency, which has a few little things, let your desk space is 10 times more open WeChat search and the number of public concern: if the net number of public reply: the desk to work every day a good mood.相关的主题文章: