Lee Da Hae love exposure, but the former two is to steal the spotlight remonstrate

Lee Da Hae love exposure, but the former two is to steal the spotlight? Tencent entertainment Zhuangao (Wen Yuqi) yesterday, the Korean goddess Lee Da Hae and the Se7en affair, korea.com uproar. An agency affair soon Lee Da Hae and SE7EN acknowledged, or as rhetoric, or the same formula. Two people in a difficult period to become each other’s pillars, the natural development of the relationship has become lovers, has been dating for 7 months." Buddies suddenly feel very familiar with?! Remember a while ago ZICO and snow Hyun love exposure, an agency response is shen’er sauce: two although the daily busy, but still use leisure time to date only, they depend on each other, especially AOA and snow dazzle when Zico is experiencing censure, the snow shining on. Immediately suspected South Korean artist Club PR 484 is a Chinese teacher to teach, not to spend difficult period is naturally developed into a lover, no impression of the two intersection can also "natural" love, this is funny ~ but the media disclosed two people in Thailand date according to. That seems pretty happy ~ however, news, South Korea netizen comments two can be said to be the ~ side blessing side is not optimistic about the polarization. The two former love exposure into focus China users: that object is not Li Yifeng China many sisters heard this news first time is glad not Li Yifeng, like the original Li Yifeng Lee Da Hae love exposure is due to play love broken wave girl heart ah ~ in love after Lee Da Hae know Ernie, most users are a blessing for Oni O Ba. Because I don’t have to worry about going to South Korean male god abducted ~ and "my girl" in the sea, Xu CP dinner for Li Dongxu but, why not embrace the young Lin belongs to T_T theater. What really hurts! Korea netizen: Lee Da Hae in South Korea unworthy slag male friends, comments are one-sided satire of the man, because it happened before military service during the Korean massage shop scandal, has been difficult to forget. But before Se7en Park Han Byul and former girlfriend of 12 years to end his private life ended in chaos is to let the Korean netizens brood on. Park Han Byul has been uneven. SE7EN was also a popular YG sign, why now falls to a Korean network of bad reviews, no hope to return to the top? Let it take you back this couple bumpy road performing arts ~ rich success among the entertainment circle. Chinese ten Lee Da Hae said her family background is not ordinary, she at a young age his family moved to Australia, parents are respected figures. In order to meet her pursuit of music, Lee Da Hae’s mother gave her to study in the United States, his family has been very rich. Debut, Lee Da Hae’s career has been no breakthrough, until starred in the "my girl", with its pure and lovely image of the successful opening of the Asian market, the first line. With Li Dongxu in the drama sweet love also impressed many viewers, everyone shouted: "together!" Unfortunately, two people have been linked in front of the public has been to good friends as incomprehensible two real relations, but has maintained a good relationship is true. In 14 years after a lapse of eight years again相关的主题文章: