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"Lanling Princess" won the ratings Peng Guanying as a "ring powder artifact" – Sohu Peng Guanying entertainment evil black long straight shape to become friends hot focus of Peng Guanying’s full sister Liao skill entertainment news by Peng Guanying, the Sohu Zhang Hanyun starring big costume drama "Lanling Princess" landing Hunan TV diamond independent radio Theater, which made the national premiere net the first time viewing of good results. The drama adapted from the same name of popular network IP, Peng Guanying plays "emperor Yong Yong Yuwen, overbearing the launch because of" cold adorable "and" break through the wall dimension set overlord "evil black long straight shape to become friends hot focus, with ratings continued to soar, the drama network heat also continued to rise. As the actor, who plays the Yong Yuwen Peng Guanying is doing my drama ratings guarantee, the micro-blog related topics on "Lanling Princess" read a total of over 300 million, "black long straight" dasikong sleep together "and other hot topics is maxed out network, ultra high audience unprecedented fire scene visible Peng Guanying burst the. Peng Guanying in the long black straight hair appeared more evil of full gas, Jun beauty show is Lengmeng attracted many fans of the "star collective eye", "shouted the dasikong sleep together". Peng Guanying on the corner of Yong Yuwen height reduction, but also to the original novel by support of loyal fans, plus its own super fans, adding strong suction powder, amazing ability. The drama landing mango TV only four days, hits quickly broken million, landing Hunan TV continued to show strong appeal, premiered on the same day that won the national network of the first time viewing of good results. The play, Peng Guanying played the dasikong not only full sister Liao Yong Yuwen skills, by virtue of its high color value and strong acting won many friends love. The play, he and Zhang Hanyun as the yuan Qing lock formed a "high contrast and cold Yong Huang naughty Princess" CP, full blast. It aired the story, Peng Guanying will play on Liao sister "unspoken rule" by netizens joked: "on her sister skills, Wuli dasikong said second, nobody dared to call first, friends and even spontaneous writing, summary dasikong Yong Yuwen" long hair waist "," not a word of it and kissing "and" childish "six little su. Netizen "small Liwo" point Chan said: "it is at Peng Guanying to see the" Lan Ling Princess "! Good love to see God in costume like Wuli and Peng Shuai to the role of the learn and experience is in place, long hair flying, unruly looks, has anyone unable to ignore the existence of sense!"   相关的主题文章: