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Notice of repayment of job applicants by the "training" did not work to trap installment Sohu news site "training camp", the candidate was signed training agreement applicants received a two-year loan lending platform when Zhao Chu (a pseudonym) in Chongqing into the "Shapingba company", in front of the layout to make her feel confused. Post recruitment network operators said yes, but it has become a "high price training". Zhao Chu is not alone. Even Japan, from Beijing and Chongqing area of nearly 100 IT industry job seekers to reflect to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, the recruitment of a corporation is located in Beijing unit "does not meet the recruitment conditions" on the grounds, require candidates to participate in the training institutions "training", and to the applicant the promise of "training" after the end of can get high paying jobs commitment, but in the end it difficult to deliver high paying jobs. Not only Beijing and Chongqing, including Xi’an, Chengdu, Shanghai and Suzhou, including all over the country, have IT industry job seekers to reflect the encounter this kind of job hunting trap". BYD reporter survey found that recruitment and training institutions, lending platform to the enterprise candidates out of pocket trick to participate in training, training institutions to earn high "training fee", "training fee" lending platform to lend interest. From a business, training institutions, lending platform are closely combined with the "recruitment trap", thus staged. Set recruiters "painted pie" decoy candidates to participate in the "training" story, a job posting and. Hundreds of candidates from across the country, in an interview with the employing unit, was not able to match the ability to work on the grounds, handed over to the training institutions, and was forced to pay high training fees. Chu Zhao recalled, at the end of July, I saw in the recruitment site, a company called Zhuo Xinzhi Qu (Beijing) Polytron Technologies Inc Chongqing second branch Recruitment "network" jobs. BYD reporter saw the recruitment information display, "network" requirements college degree or above, but not limited to professional and work experience, strong learning ability requirements only, will use the common software". In addition, in the "benefits", the post provides five social insurance and one housing fund and accommodation, weekends, double end, housing, meals, transportation allowance and overtime allowance, salary 3000-5000 yuan. Almost no threshold limit, and the salary and benefits are good, which makes Zhao Chu not hesitate to cast your resume. Resume delivery, Zhao Chu soon received an interview notice. During the interview, the interviewer told her, because of her ability is not up to the requirements, so to participate in the opening of a training institution for a period of 3 months "training", and will receive training after the company had promised that the recruitment of more than 4000 yuan monthly salary job. But Zhao Chu got the "agreement" indicated in the training, training to charge 18240 yuan fee, in addition, she also needs to pay and training institutions signed a "copyright licensing contract" in the cost of 4560 yuan, a total of 22800 yuan. This money is not a small number of Zhao looking for a job. Subsequently, the interviewer persuaded Zhao Chucheng, "taking into account.相关的主题文章: