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Japanese archaeologists found the world’s oldest hook: the hook about 23000 years ago archaeologists found the. Source: National Academy of sciences. According to foreign media reports, "a report on the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" published, archaeologists in a cave in Okinawa in Japan found the world’s oldest hook. The hook by the conch shell carving, its use in about 23000 years ago, at the same time also found other ancient cultural relics. Reported that, despite the lack of resources in Okinawa, but it is believed to have lived about 30000 years ago. The latest findings show that the use of advanced marine technology at this time was much earlier than previously thought. Modern humans are believed to have started from the mainland to the coastal islands about 50000 years ago. For the rest of the world of these humans, fishing is the basic means of subsistence. However, archaeologists in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, a limited number of archaeological sites found some evidence of fishing technology development. "Published in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" the report said, "new evidence, along the western coast of the Pacific to the North until the mid latitudes are geographically distributed more widely the early development of marine technology." This is found in Okinawa’s hook beyond the previous 16000 years ago found in Timor hook, and found in Papua New Guinea 18000 years ago hook. The archaeologists also found in the cave and two have not yet completed hooks, engraving tools, beads and food residue. The authors of the report even said that the people who visited the cave came here only at a time when the crabs were the best.相关的主题文章: