Jam Hsiao immediately accused stiff dance Hebe Tian dumbfounded tencent upd

Jam Hsiao immediately accused stiff dance Hebe Tian Jam Hsiao Hebe Tian look funny dumbfounded off the Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, "Bel Canto war" for JJ Lin [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Jam Hsiao, Sherry, Hebe Tian and Yu Quan [micro-blog] [micro-blog] as a tutor, star studded audience expectations, originally scheduled to last month the 21 day premiere, delayed to 4 days before the broadcast, will attract many fans to watch. In the first episode aired content, Jam Hsiao, Sherry, Yu Quan the first to accept our challenge, when Jam Hsiao in the choice of song selection, visiting guests that he "stiff", he immediately stood aside to dancing on the table, "calm goddess Hebe Tian on the spot dumbfounded, funny picture let netizen laugh! The program for our guests singing songs, the people after the singing randomly chosen mentor consult the instructor on the songs and only 3 hours to prepare songs, compact time and strength to face strong factors, the first episode let old Xiao Mei and nervous. But in serious tension, Jam Hsiao was named to accept the challenge in the song when visiting guests that he would choose Li Yuchun’s song, "because his body is stiff, Jam Hsiao immediately said:" who told you that my body froze!" He immediately stood on the stage and dance, super funny to the side of the goddess Hebe Tian moment dumbfounded, cute let netizen laugh. Jam Hsiao finally chose "once you", he stepped down to ask: "have a teleprompter? You can’t have it?" Afraid to forget the words on the table, prepare the way of JJ Lin also to see him singing in his lounge, B-BOX to join his concert, so he was very surprised, but the official on the stage, Jam Hsiao revealed his face tense, laughed and said: "I have done my best, there is a little bit nervous, because the time is really not much but, we are optimistic about every stage." JJ Lin gave him encouragement: "I just explored the class, he must be no problem, as long as the beginning of the song, he must conquer the audience." Did the concert stage, voice an audience screaming fans at micro-blog, straight: "really sing very touched!" ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: