Is it okay to double eleven over your bill-ssdao

Is it okay to double eleven over your bill? Did you have your bill of maturity in eleven? I heard that this year’s eleven double, Taobao single day sales of $122 billion 940 million, and a record, while other electronic business platform is also impressive record. In recent days, you are not to melt 360 small series, while their own control of the purchase (Duo) material (Shou) to regret it, one day to brush ten times their own courier logistics information, etc.? Say, double eleven, not what words like "you express to this one. Do not believe, you lead your girlfriend. It is hand chop party, but there is still a lucky not to eat dirt, this is not a lucky audience! Can get a treasure of a single place. There is a sister was pumped in the cost of their own free of charge throughout the year, for this is not to send the door to business, the 360 small make up really want to say, let go of the privilege, let me! It is a few happy tears, although see Bill mood is very heavy, but into 360 small or have to say, do you think in the double eleven express in the past? Too young too simple, you have to repay it! Attention can not be bad, or even the next year, do not want to eat the soil. First, remember the repayment date believe that on that day eleven people shopping, with many people into 360 small is the same operating practices, Bai, Jingdong IOUs, credit card what flowers, can be used on the whole, the feeling grab is earned. But small want to remind you that although you buy buy buy a cool, do not remember the time of repayment repayment date. According to melt 360 story, ant flower chant is the monthly repayment bill No. 10, Jingdong IOUs, Suning willful and various pay credit card bills repayment date will vary from person to person, the date is not the same. If you use a variety of payment instruments, it is recommended to the next month before the repayment date, set the alarm clock in advance, to avoid overdue. Two, the early repayment of liquidated damages have some netizens said, well, so many bills, how can I remember clearly, money is also the best chant, one-time pay off, but also save. Where there is such a simple thing! In fact, only a small number of platforms can be paid off at a time without any fees, many platforms or credit card centers are to be paid before the repayment of liquidated damages. Melt 360 small package just look at the staging of the provisions of Suning finance, early repayment is to pay a certain amount of compensation, assuming the amount of early repayment is $5000, the default payment will have to pay 5000*5%=250 yuan, think about the pain. Three, there will be serious overdue penalty, but also on the credit when double eleven, if you are a little control did not know, buy buy buy, no ability to repay. The consequences are pretty serious. Because the first platform will be overdue penalty. Each platform for the overdue fee rules are not the same, but one thing is for sure, the longer the number of days overdue overdue, the greater the amount required to pay liquidated damages will be more, if the long-term cumulative, is likely to make you overwhelmed. You think it is a penalty money trouble, in fact, the long-term arrears are not overdue, too many times, for your personal credit will cause a shadow!相关的主题文章: