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IPhone lost customer service calls that you said to find mobile phone account password immediately after the loss of iPhone iCloud cloud open loss mode remote lock by remote lock after the mobile phone has been unable to use the Chongqing evening news consumers know that Apple’s mobile phone is lost or stolen, if not the original Apple (apple ID account and password), mobile phone holder is not normal and use the brush. There are several people in Qijiang district who have set up a studio to unlock the apple mobile phone business illegally, and fake the original ID and password of the owner of the machine by pretending to be the apple customer service. It is reported that the studio unlocked more than 400 mobile phones, illegal income of more than 11 yuan. In November 18th, Qijiang district court verdict: Lou Mou and other 6 people illegally obtain computer information system data crime, sentenced to one year to three years imprisonment. It is understood that this is the first case of Apple mobile phone accounts and password implementation of cybercrime cases in Chongqing, for the future to combat the harm of mobile operating system security network crime has opened a precedent. At the beginning of March this year, the defendant Lou, together with Li Moujia, Li Mouyi set up a studio, engaged in illegal unlocking of Apple’s mobile phone business, and has recruited Yu danmou, Zhang, who joined the studio. First of all, the members of the studio undertake online unlocking Apple mobile phone business, asking the other side to unlock the apple account and the name of the owner, contact information and other information. The studio use Internet phone software tampering with the caller’s contact mobile phone owner, posing as the official Apple customer service, that the loss of mobile phone has been found, the need to provide a security question to verify, to get the owner’s security question or password; then the login password is the apple official website will delete the account, so as to achieve the purpose of unlocking a mobile phone. After the phone is unlocked, it can be sold, and the real machine owner is not worth the candle. Prosecutor Zhang Zhang said, this is the first case of Apple mobile phone accounts and passwords for the implementation of cybercrime cases, involving a large number of professional knowledge in the field of computer science, there is no similar case in the country for reference. Qijiang District procuratorate to master relevant case basis, from the illegal access to computer information system data elements of the crime, defines the connotation and extension of the computer information system data and other invasive techniques, accurate to guide the public security organs from the charges to identify aspects of evidence collection. IPhone lost or stolen password killed not said prosecutors handling the case Zhang Jian said, although this type of scam is novel, the great majority of fruit powder or deceptive, but should raise awareness. Once the iPhone is lost or stolen, the following measures are suggested: 1. Make sure that "find my iPhone" has been opened in the phone "settings -iCloud"; 2. Immediately computer login iCloud cloud, open the "lost mode", lock the phone; 3. Don’t trust any email, SMS, phone that requires you to provide Apple ID account and password; 4. Don’t open a link like third requirements; 5. Use the QQ mailbox as the Apple ID account,.

iPhone丢失客服来电说手机找到 要你说账户密码 iPhone丢失后立即上iCloud云端打开丢失模式远程锁定 手机被远程锁定后已无法使用   重庆晚报讯 果粉们都知道,苹果手机遗失或被盗后,如果没有原始Apple ID(苹果账户)及密码,手机持有者是无法正常使用和刷机的。綦江区有几个人,专门成立工作室从事非法解锁苹果手机业务,并冒充苹果客服骗取机主的原始ID及密码。据悉,该工作室共解锁手机400余部,违法所得11万余元。   11月18日,綦江区法院一审判决:娄某等6人犯非法获取计算机信息系统数据罪,判处一年至三年不等有期徒刑。据了解,这是重庆首例以苹果手机账号和密码为对象实施的网络犯罪案件,为今后打击危害手机操作系统安全的网络犯罪开了先河。   今年3月初,被告人娄某,伙同李某甲、李某乙成立工作室,从事非法解锁苹果手机业务,并先后招聘喻某、石某、张某等人加入工作室。   首先由该工作室成员在网上承接解锁苹果手机业务,要求对方提供需解锁手机的苹果账户和失主姓名、联系方式等资料。工作室成员利用可篡改来电显示的网络电话软件联系手机失主,冒充苹果官方客服,谎称其丢失手机已找到,需要提供密保问题进行验证,借此获取失主的密保问题或密码;再通过该密码登录苹果官方网站将其账户删除,从而达到解锁手机目的。手机解锁后就可以出售了,真正的机主得不偿失。   办案检察官张剑称,这是我市首例以苹果手机账号和密码为对象实施的网络犯罪案件,涉及大量计算机领域的专业知识,在全国范围内也没有类似判例可供参考。綦江区检察院在掌握相关案情基础上,从非法获取计算机信息系统数据罪的各项构成要件出发,界定了计算机信息系统数据、侵入以外的其他技术手段的内涵和外延,准确引导公安机关从罪名认定方面进行证据搜集。   iPhone丢失或被盗 账号密码打死都不说   办案检察官张剑称,尽管此类骗局新颖,具很大欺骗性,但广大果粉还是应该提高防范意识。一旦苹果手机丢失或被盗,建议采取以下措施应对:   1。确保手机“设置-iCloud”中已打开“查找我的 iPhone”;   2。立即电脑登录iCloud云端,打开“丢失模式”,将手机锁死;   3。不要相信任何要求你提供Apple ID账号和密码的邮件、短信、电话;   4。碰到类似第3条要求的相关链接也不要打开;   5。若使用QQ邮箱作为Apple ID账号,给QQ邮箱开启独立密码;   6.Apple ID开启两步验证。   手机没丢却遭锁机 赶紧求助官方客服   昨日,重庆晚报记者致电苹果客服。对方表示,用户手机没丢却发现被远程锁定,可判定你的ID和密码可能泄漏,应立即上云端解锁。如果ID已被人更改,应及时拨打苹果客服热线,提供Apple ID原始信息,找回ID。   “用户平时使用Apple ID时,要注意保护,不向来源不明的登录框输入自己的ID和密码,不随便进入来源不明的网页进行操作。”苹果客服表示,最好设置Apple ID的两步验证,加强ID安全级别,同时要注意手机序列号不要暴露。相关的主题文章: