Inter winter window to sign 2. Messi Piorry’s teammate +5000 demon Star Sports

Inter winter window to sign 2. Messi Piorry’s teammate +5000 demon Star Sports Sohu bigeliya is one of the most outstanding serie a defensive midfielder   this summer, De Boer replaced Mancini as the Milan international, to the line-up for some adjustments, El diamond is joining the Nerazzurri away. Italy media believe that with Pioli taking over the international Milan, the lineup will change again, but the first to wait until January next year to open the winter window, to be able to introduce the favorite players. It is reported that Piorry will acquire two players, is the direct descendant, are bigeliya and Felipe Anderson, they are now playing in Lazio, Piorry had to cooperate with them to get the 201415 serie a season third. Italy media "Turin sports newspaper" broke the news, biglia will become Milan’s first International Coach Pioli signing, he is expected to join Meazza in the winter of January next year after opening the window. Biglia aged 30, the Argentina international, a friend of Messi, the Secretary defensive midfielder, the summer of 2013 from Anderlecht move to Lazio, still represents the blue eagle 105 appearances, scoring 11 goals, is currently the Lazio captain. Due to injuries, beeghly YABEN season in Serie A in 12 games, only 6 appearances. It is reported that bigeliya and Lazio’s contract expires in the summer of 2018, the two sides are talking about the contract, the Argentina International’s salary is 1 million 500 thousand euros, he hopes to get a new contract for 3 million euros, Lazio is difficult, international Milan has to take this opportunity to take it. Compared with biglia, 23 year old Felipe Anderson this season to play well, 11 games scored 1 goals and 5 assists, the ball well, he can strengthen international Milan’s offensive line. However, Felipe Anderson’s buyout fee is not cheap, Italy media "slow motion" broke the news, the Brazil international worth up to 50 million euros. The good news is that Hora Buzzin has suggested Felipe broker Anderson left Lazio, he wants to see the Brazil International Alliance International Milan. From the news media in Italy "Sports News 24" De Boer said, with the international class, Milan this summer invested 30 million euros to sign Gabriel Meazza temporarily can not see the future, he has made 1 appearances in the Nerazzurri, performance is very general. Milan international sports director Osorio to see Gabriel so want to destroy, the 20 year old Brazil Yaoxing rent out, Empoli is expected to become his next stop, the Nerazzurri giants want Gabriel to a small club to accumulate more experience in the game. Over a period of time, the printing crazy pass hole Ethiopia to leave Milan international news, said the French midfielder will join Chelsea, said the day before the hole tobiads broker Marek interview, now everything is not clear, "it is not the best time to talk about the transfer, the need to wait, we will publish the first time latest news." (nineteen)相关的主题文章: