Intel in the next two years will invest $250 million in self driving networking, data processing tec mycoolboy

Intel the next two years will invest 250 million dollars in the car networking, data processing technology – Sohu technology [Technews] science news in the 14 Losangeles auto show AutoMobility to carry out the activities, the chip maker Intel also joined in the foot, Intel CEO (Brian Krzanich) and then the odd branch also announced that its venture capital will invest $250 million in the next two years in the automatic driving vehicle technology. This is the second in October when Intel announced the development of self driving dedicated processor, and a self driving layout. Intel Capital then the odd branch announced, will invest 250 million dollars in the self driving technology, but will focus on networking equipment in the field of transportation, and data processing of these devices, Intel also hope that these technologies can directly reduce the self driving risk, and to lower the price to improve traffic safety, efficiency and power. Odd data as a "new oil", he focused on self driving will produce information, after all, self driving need to perceive the surrounding environment, and to do more than humans can react quickly, it will need a variety of sensors, cameras, radar, computing element and software, these the amount of data than it is now a large number of data is very much. According to information provided by Intel, in 2016, the amount of data the average person in the middle of the day using the computer, mobile phone, wearable device which is 650 MB, but in 2020, the amount of data a person in a day may be within reach of 1.5GB, but the automatic driving car and more information. A day may produce 4000 GB. On the same day of the event, then the odd branch also revealed that in July of this year and the car maker BMW and self driving system Mobileye jointly announced in 2021 to build the city driving plan, Intel investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in it and human. Source: read: (source: Flickr Chris PotterCC by the first figure 2) for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: