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Country I II car next year in February, the five rings within the limit line how to identify the vehicle? – yesterday afternoon, the latest revision of the Beijing air pollution emergency plan was officially released, since December 15th this year, the implementation of. Beijing Youth Daily reporter was informed that, after the implementation of the heavy pollution of orange and red warning in the air, the country I, II emission standard light gasoline vehicles will be banned within the city. In addition, since February 15th next year, during the working days, the state I, II emission standard light gasoline vehicles Five Ring Road (excluding) within the road will take measures to limit. Violation of the regulations will be fined 100 yuan, a penalty every 4 hours. These two policies will affect the city about 400 thousand light gasoline car owners. At the same time, yesterday, the city also supporting the introduction of the early retirement of the country I, the state II light gasoline vehicle government subsidy policies and related bank car loan products. Heavy pollution ban line of work yesterday, the city issued the latest revision of the Beijing air pollution emergency plan. From the beginning of December 15th, the city started the heavy air pollution in the orange and red warning, in I and II emission standard of light-duty gasoline vehicles (including cars will be banned from driving coaches on the road). In addition, the national III emission standards and more than motor vehicles (including cars, driving coaches) in the red warning according to single and double driving (except electric vehicle), which the city public service vehicles in the single driving basis, then when the vehicle is 30% of the total. In addition to the heavy air pollution emergency response plan for the first time on the country I and the national II car ban line requirements, yesterday also announced a limited administrative policy. BYD reporter learned from February 15th next year, Beijing will be the city and other towns of the country I and II emission standard of light-duty gasoline vehicles, the implementation of the five ring (not included) within the road work on the limit line. After calculation, I and II in China Light Gasoline executive Ring Road (not included) within working days after the limit line measures, will reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides emissions accounted for 15% of light-duty gasoline vehicles, reducing VOC emissions accounted for about 12% of the emissions of light-duty gasoline vehicles. China is currently a total of 400 thousand vehicles in the country currently, the city’s vehicle ownership reached 5 million 700 thousand, vehicle emissions pollution has become the largest source of local PM2.5 in Beijing. Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, responsible person introduced yesterday, the contribution of local pollution in the PM2.5, the proportion of the annual contribution of motor vehicle emissions up to 31.1%, of which non heating season motor vehicle emissions is to achieve more than 40% of local emissions. In addition, motor vehicle emissions of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic matter about half will be converted into PM2.5, but also the main cause of excessive ozone. In the context of the city’s heavy vehicle emissions pollution, the problem of high pollution emissions of old cars is particularly prominent. It is understood that the city of Beijing, China’s emission standards for vehicles has been the shortest use of 13 years, the country has been the shortest vehicle emission standards have been used for 10 years. Although only 25% of the city’s light gas reserves accounted for about 8% (about 400 thousand), while the emission of nitrogen oxides accounted for more than 30% of the city’s light gasoline vehicle emissions, volatile organic compounds accounted for about. Comprehensive estimates, in the same bin相关的主题文章: