Idc2016q3 Samsung shipments topped the OV rapid growth of Sohu

IDC:2016Q3 Samsung shipments topped the OV rapid growth of Sohu the Sohu Luoyuan technology science and technology market research company IDC today announced the global intelligent mobile phone quarter tracking report shows the third quarter of this year, the global smart mobile phone shipments to 362 million 900 thousand. Among them, Samsung ranked first, 72 million 500 thousand, occupying the market share of 23.3%, followed by apple, HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo. In addition, you can see from the report, Samsung has 13.5% year-on-year decline, Galaxy Samsung high-end flagship could occupy a space for one person, however, caused the explosion incident sensation in the industry has brought huge losses. Although with the gradual decline of overseas as well as China’s recall, but aftershocks have not disappeared, Q4 performance is expected to be even worse. Apple shipments fell by 5.3% year on year. 26, Apple also released its fourth quarter earnings, Apple released since 2001 earnings for the first time since experienced a decline in revenue and net profit of $8 billion 785 million, and the Greater China revenue compared to $12 billion 518 million last year fell 30%. Market feedback is not optimistic, but with the fourth quarter of iPhone new products shipped on the right track, may lead to reverse. Domestic manufacturers HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo rose year on year, shipments were 33 million 600 thousand, 25 million 300 thousand, 21 million 200 thousand. The blue and green camp is increasing rapidly, OPPO even reached 121.6%, vivo growth of 102.5%. Currently, HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo market share were 9.3%, 7% and 5.8%.相关的主题文章: