Huan Xun people in search of lobster shrimp Baidu, delicious crayfish here – and Sohu ravbin

Huan Xun lobster | people in search of shrimp Baidu, delicious crayfish here – Sohu and Xun Huan Xiang is located in the lobster private custom Ling Road No. 231 (Lake police brigade diagonally opposite), have a certain distance from the nearest bus station, but the street there are many restaurants, very lively flourishing, business is good. The previous shop named private custom, then to eat mutton, a good impression, now renovated, the name also added Xun Huan lobster, it seems now to the main dishes of crayfish, please come to taste. After the renovation of the large area of the store a lot, but also more clean and tidy, stylish and refined, the dining environment is much better than before. The best volume, felt should be called Ruyi pill, wrapped with the horse bean bean with Rice-meat dumplings, meat flavor and fragrance, taste good. Bean fried okra, fresh and refreshing, degrease. Suantang beef cattle, large thick, flexible chewy, sour soup cool, appetite. Pickled mullet, pickled fish is very popular recently, here to do the pickled fish is also quite good, tender fish tight, sour and spicy, very enjoyable. Braised braised sheep goat, a feeling similar to scorpions, large bones with a lot of meat, attractive color, cooked meat flavor, need patience to point out to eat, impatient eat sheep scorpion… Stewed beef coriander beef…, large thick, even reinforced with meat, flexible chewy. Stewed tasty, with fresh coriander, very suitable for wine. Cordyceps flower chicken soup, chicken soup yellow, a look is very nourishing, drink up the chicken is delicious and Cordyceps flower fragrance, warm a bowl after feel comfortable, there are a lot of chicken soup, eat up oh remember. Fried frog, frog meat smooth plump, firm and elastic, fried fragrant, taste the taste is great. Fried, with the coarse Rice noodles in Jiangxi, smooth Q play, fried is also very tasty, good food. Finally this is the protagonist of a little spicy crawfish, a garlic, crayfish big, very clean, full of meat and shrimp, shrimp paste, quality is quite good, no wonder the main food fight, cooking is also very standard, spicy spicy delicious garlic, garlic smell all very delicious, all 4 pounds of a total of 8 pounds and had been carved a space we have something more to say. Lick your fingers, go home……相关的主题文章: