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How to identify the authenticity of the stamps and see what the experts say (original title: stamp of authenticity "three steps") 2016-1 "bingshen years" stamps T.46 1980 Gengshen monkey stamps T prefix stamp Confucius figure paintings stamps stamps Chinese lecture ancient writers stamp, with the development of modern electronic information leap, as the first document of Hongyan postal charges although the Internet properties, fast means of communication gradually replaced, and has second attributes, the legal value of miniature art limited edition, still holds the world ten big collection categories, the number of ranked ahead of the top spot. Due to the high cultural elements of the stamps, low collection threshold and elegant artistic enjoyment, it is also an appreciation of the value of the deposit tank varieties. Such as the 8 sub par T.46 "1920" stamps, 36 years into 12 thousand Yuanmei; 2.4 yuan face value of "2016-1" bingshen year stamps, playing the new 100 day appreciation of 6 times, the market price of 17 yuan set. This high market prices in other art investment market can not match. To keep the stamps really become the miniature works of art into the cultural industry, Chinese postal in ensuring the stamp collector’s book, the mode of operation of the development of cultural industry innovation, open up the stamp introducing market mechanism, promote YouBiKa investment into the following third electronic trading platform, after the stock futures market. With the popularity of stamp collection and financial activity, the authenticity of identification become lovers headaches for stamps, and identify the authenticity of stamps is a strong knowledge of the professional subject, with a certain discrimination experience or eyesight really work, not a short duration of time will make. The author is an old philatelists, love research and engage in stamp stamp identification, in the foreign qualification accreditation bodies have in many ways from the handling of postage stamp in the identification of accumulation, the authenticity of identification stamps are summarized into "three steps", for the collection of stamps and investment reference. One, the first step of "visual" so-called visual, popular that is to see. Vision is the basic way to identify all the people and objects, and the basic way is from the enlightenment. For example, to test the eyesight of children in kindergarten, the teacher must first teach children to understand the "E" word, from the induction force to the direction of the gap, when testing visual acuity, children can correctly point to the direction of the gap. Identification of the authenticity of stamps through self-study "stamp catalogue" or "stamp of" understanding and its enlightenment, stamp printing process from the induction force, it is a prerequisite for the "visual" stamps must have. Visual stamps, is the first to do the identification of stamps were identified on the basis of the "final version features". The final version is printed on the right view of stamps (from "People’s Republic of China" for the stamp catalogue). If a set of identification stamps is pre offset, and indicate the stamps on the list is not obvious because of other characteristics of imitate, printed, so the need for identification of stamps can be the final word: fake tickets. Two, the second step is the so-called "verified" verification, the need for the identification of the stamp has confirmed the version is right, then press the stamp identification "five elements" often)相关的主题文章: