How about rob armored car case Jianghu

How about rob armored car case "Jianghu sympathy" in September 7th, together with the armored car robbery cases occurred in Liaoning Yingkou of Dashiqiao city. Li Xuyi suspects armed with homemade pistol snatched the escort of 6 million yuan. The suspect relatives said, the family owed a lot of money, including the cost of materials, wages and part of usury. Lee owed a lot of debt to the creditor debt, it may be the main reason Li Xuyi rush into danger. (September 9th "Beijing News") from Internet users in the case of the thread, there have been some confusion in the voice of justice. Some people think that the suspect armored car robbery is to pay, in reality some "Laolai model" are cynical, in order to pay is also a kind of rush into danger "responsibility" of the play performance, the ratio of those who refused to repay the society to the "noble" Laolai much. Moreover, the suspect is only a small part of the money back home, this part of the money, not much more than just the money needed to repay the debt. In short, the suspect who has a place to forgive, and to some extent, has become some people "admire" and the object of sympathy. This understanding confuse right and wrong. There are people who think that they are living in the world, the law of the jungle, not the law, but the rules of the political arena, once the violence will Tanzania, thumbs up. In a world, all the people have no guarantee, because the law does not become the core of social governance, and all the rules are derived from the so-called arena Paladin who, instead of their rules of law, sometimes expressed as "good", sometimes expressed as "mutual fights, and performance" ShaFuJiPin ", but all of these rules, like justice, are actually built on inequality in violence as the core of the origin. The suspect because of debts and the armored car robbery, which is consistent with the law of the jungle past arena rules, but in any case, this is not kuanxie, which is in the looting of social wealth, which is the interests of every member of society. In the rule of law in social justice and equality, there is not any excuse to commit the crime, and social wealth was looted as suspects, suspects his debt money, which destroys the social members of equal sharing, this is not what justice at all. When the common interests of the society are violated, some people are still in the savage arena to judge the tone of this happened, and given is not consistent with the social ethics and compassion, this is the confusion of social justice.相关的主题文章: