Hongkong implementation of the shop Street fixed penalty of HK $1500, some people are happy sad-reshacker

Hongkong Street shop resistance fixed penalty of HK $1500 some people worry about joy – Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong in September 24, Hongkong street shops to drag a new penalty law 24 date, businesses do not goods can be placed outside the shop. The SAR government food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) staff to the black law enforcement? Instant prosecution shops, issued 1500 yuan (HK $, the same below) of the fixed penalty tickets. In this regard, there are businesses unhappy, there are public support. On the same day, the Hongkong fixed penalty (public cleanliness and obstruction of crime) Ordinance, the official entry into force. In the morning, the staff of the fehd to Kowloon area water? Inspections, sell the goods at the grocery store towels pedestrians on the road, law enforcement officers immediately issued fpns, fined 1500 yuan, the female shopkeeper helpless sad cry. There are people in charge of the fruit store to see the fehd staff law enforcement, hastily put aside the goods on the roadside, but the law enforcement officers do not have the discretion to deal with, still in accordance with the law to register the merchant information, issued a fixed penalty notice. Greengrocer Mr. Xie admitted that the new legislation will undoubtedly make the streets clear, but the shop display of goods is reduced, affect the public sentiment and shopping atmosphere, the government understand the situation of small businesses in hebei. After the implementation of the new legislation, five places including Kowloon flower market, by the government to allow temporary businesses will allow the goods placed outside the shop two? To 5 range?. The same day, usually Yourenruzhi Mong Kok flower market, compared with the past clean and tidy. Most of the florist to follow the new legislation, the goods in the store and within the scope of discretion, a lot of access, in the past, people and goods competing situation no longer see. Mr Lam supports the new legislation, saying that the road surface is wider and more comfortable when walking, and no longer need to be left". Gao Yongwen, director of the food and Health Bureau of the Special Administrative Region (SAR), said in an interview with the media that fehd officers would depend on the actual environment. I hope the store owner to understand the street not only inconvenience to the street, but also affect safety. When the law enforcement personnel are in difficulty, the Bureau has strengthened the training, and will be required to assist the relevant government departments when necessary. (end)相关的主题文章: