Hong Xiuzhu’s visit to the mainland Wu Dunyi blessing must cherish – Sohu news beself

Hong Xiuzhu’s visit, Wu Dunyi blessing: we must cherish the Sohu overseas news network on 31 October, according to the rating agency reported in Hongkong, for the peaceful development of cross-strait forum in early November will be held in Beijing, deputy leader of the former Taiwan Wu Dunyi 30 in Kaohsiung, when interviewed by the media to give Hong Xiuzhu a blessing, and look forward to Hong Xiuzhu’s visit to make a contribution for cross straits peace, improve the current impasse. It is reported that the KMT Kaohsiung city and yellow Baath Huang Guoxiong branch jointly organized the 122 anniversary of the founding of the party to celebrate and group leader Wu Dunyi was invited to attend the workshops, and personally to senior party members and Party members awarded new blood. Wu Dunyi said in an interview, we must cherish such a situation, but also hope that the current Taiwan authorities can ensure the peaceful and stable development of cross-strait. KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu to the mainland to participate in the peaceful development of cross-strait forum, he wished the success of Hong Kong trip happy, for cross-strait peace and stability, to improve the current impasse, to contribute. For the media asked whether Wu Dunyi candidates KMT chairman? Wu Dunyi said, now don’t decide now, the future development of Taiwan and the direction of the party, the party suffered by the DPP authorities as clearing way to fight the liquidation of assets, the party has a lot of urgent matters must be dealt with, he must listen to the voice of the people party and make a decision.相关的主题文章: