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Henan is the mother river of the Yellow River legislation "backing" Prohibition of real estate development in the new network in Zhengzhou on 18 November, (reporter Li Zhiquan) the Yellow River is known as "copper head iron tail tofu waist", through the hinterland of the Central Plains of Henan river is in the tofu waist section. 18, a local the Yellow River flood control regulations introduced in Henan Province, as the mother river "". The twelve session of the Standing Committee of the Henan Provincial People’s Congress held the same day in the afternoon of the the Yellow River Provincial People’s Congress voted on the adoption of the "Henan province flood control regulations", the Ordinance to regulate the form of legislation and strengthen flood control work in the Yellow River. Ordinance clearly stipulates that the prohibition to the floodplain of the Yellow River moved to increase the resident population, prohibit the floodplain of the Yellow River planning for the city construction land, commercial real estate and factories, enterprises into development zone. At the same time, the dumping of garbage and other wastes to the the Yellow River River, flood control, flood protection and water resource security. The so-called floodplain, mainly refers to the main channel between the Yellow River and the regional flood control embankment, belonging to the the Yellow River flood, flood detention, an important area of sand sinking. Henan is located at the junction of the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, happened in history "the Huayuankou event"; because of the silt, the river is also known as "hangingriver". In recent years, part of the river floodplain illegal phenomenon is prominent. Especially the farmhouse, playgrounds and other projects grow in the floodplain of the Yellow River savage, causing hazards to flood and ecological the Yellow River. This clear regulations, governments at all levels along the Yellow River floodplain involving the development and utilization planning, flood control, flood discharge to meet the requirements of the construction of docks, roads, pipelines, cables, water and other non flood control works in the area of river management, to meet the requirements of flood control standards and other technology, shall not affect the flood control work. Earlier, Henan has introduced the "Henan province in the Yellow River river sand mining management measures", "Henan province bridge management measures" and other administrative regulations. This time the legislation, the the Yellow River flood from administrative means to the legal level. (end)相关的主题文章: