Henan found that nearly 105 tons of gold ore can be dug for more than 80 years mmc.exe

Henan found large gold deposit of nearly 105 tons can be dug 80 years central broadcasting network Tongbai on September 25th news (Henan station reporter Yang Fen) according to the China sound "center wide news" report, Henan Provincial Department of land and resources in Henan mountainous areas of Tongbai province within the old bay county of Tongbai gold deposit in the deep and periphery of the census project. Found large gold deposit, the gold content of nearly 105 tons can be dug 80 years. The discovery of the large gold deposit in the land and Resources Department of Henan province in mid September this year, experts on the Tongbai gold and silver polymetallic ore integrated exploration found. Gold deposit is located in the old and deep Tongbai Bay gold mine, Tongbai, the new cash resources is expected to be 104 thousand and 960 kg, associated with silver resources is expected to be 122 thousand and 38 kg. In addition to the discovery of large gold mines, but also found a large number of natural alkali, lead and zinc mineral resources. According to reports, the Tongbai mountain is located in the western part of the mountainous region of Southern Henan, Tongbai gold and silver polymetallic ore integrated exploration district is located in Henan Province, Tongbai Shan mountain, the administrative divisions belonging to the Tongbai County, Tanghe County, Biyang County, an area of 1649 square kilometers, is approved by the Ministry of land and resources in 2013 third batch of integrated exploration area. According to China Gold News’s micro signal "mining people claimed that, as of now, the project investment for large gold deposit prospecting funds only about 80000000 yuan, the construction of 80 drilling, drilling 50 thousand meters, has 84 gold orebodies, new metal quantity has reached 100 tons, prolong mine service life of 80 years. The potential economic value of 25 billion yuan. At present, the Henan Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Geological Exploration Institute first predicted the region gold prospecting potential of up to 200 tons ~500 tons, 5000 tons of silver is expected to. This area will become Henan province following the small Qinling Mountains, Fangshan after another important gold exploration base. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: