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Halloween is coming! Do you know the origin of it? Teach you how to make a pumpkin lantern – Sohu maternal and child every year in November 1st, is a traditional festival in western countries: halloween. October 30th – Halloween (Halloween), has become one of the most "haunted" festival of the year, it is also known as "Halloween", it is a good chance of having fun, ghost stories and scare each other. Now, the majority of the China? People, especially young people, more and more added to the occasion of the festival, is also added to the dull life. However, has been upgraded to parents, you know the origin of Halloween? If the baby asked, prevarication could not answer, the parents on the tall image of warrant. Today, the kangaroo mom will take you to look at: the origin of halloween. Halloween is derived from the assimilation, transformation and re interpretation of other religious festivals. Halloween? Also known as all saints’ day, on that day to commemorate all saints (Hallow). ? actually, Halloween and Halloween customs, mainly in the British Isles and North America of the former British colony, is the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries, and other western developed countries at the end of twentieth Century under the influence of American pop culture and began to celebrate Halloween. Halloween is the harvest festival? Originally, praise the autumn festival. Living in Ireland, Scotland and other places of the Celtics think: October 31st, is the official end of the autumn day, symbolizing the end of the year, as well as the beginning of the new year. The Celts believed the sun? God will help them to grow crops. ? but every October 31st, their great death – Salman will come! ? Salman will attack the God of the sun, and the 6 months in captivity. So the cold, dark winter begins. ? moreover, the Celtics also think, on that day the man was dead Salman also summoned the ghost of all, looking for the living to regenerate them, or to care for the animals. The living are afraid of the dead to take their lives, so this day is especially dangerous for them! So? On this day, people dressed as demons and ghosts like, let oneself also joined the ghost in the world, so that the dead souls cannot distinguish. So, we have the modern Carnival Halloween, in fact, because of the fear of the ancients and the establishment of the festival. Some people may ask, on Halloween, why do you order a pumpkin lantern? The origin of the pumpkin lamp comes from another legend. Legend has it that an Irish alcoholic, JACK, was a drunk, and was especially fond of mischief. He played tricks on the devil, tricked the devil into the hole in the apple tree, and then carved a cross on the tree trunk, trapping the devil. JACK forced the devil to swear: never let him go to hell! After the devil agreed, JACK put the devil out. But the promise of "No hell" can’t stop the coming of death. After JACK’s death, he was not taken up by drinking, meanness and deceit相关的主题文章: